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Why You Mad

Luisa Diez and Jake Flores

A leftist Latino philosophy podcast about art, standup comedy and other things that make us mad. Hosted by comedian Jake Flores and anthropologist and comedy booker Luisa Díez.

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    Why You Madres


    We talk about Amazon's Mexican American horror film Madres and also about the Fugees, refs, Starbucks, Rousseau, Hobbes, Marx, and more! EMAIL US AT [email protected] PATREON (bonus Q+A eps) patreon.com/whyyoumad
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    Mad Omen


    We talk about Jake's new album, the concept of recording a comedy album, Kyle Kinane, Eric Hobsbawm, Skankfest, Parks and Recreation, apoliticism, the Romantics, trads, and dating. EMAIL US AT [email protected] PATREON BONUS EPS AT Patreon.com/WhyYouMad
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    Days n Madres


    Jake is back from doing shows at Fest 19 in Florida so we talk about that, folk punk, white people, latino people, being a misfit, the latino horror film Madre, and stand up. EMAIL US AT [email protected] PATREON (BONUS MAIL BAG EPS) Patreon.com/WhyYouMad
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    The Producers w/ Brandon Collins


    Comedian, podcaster, and PRODUCER Brandon Collins returns to the show to talk about the state of comedy and social media, Harry Potter, D&D, films about the ocean, and complex moral diagnostics. BRANDON COLLINS @americancollins @mediumppodcast americancollins.com AND GO SEE DRUNK BLACK HISTORY LIVE THIS WEEKEND IN NYC DrunkBlackHistory.com https://www.caveat.nyc/series/drunk-black-history CASUAL SETS NYC OCT 28 @CasualsetsNYC https://www.eventbrite.com/e/casual-sets-comedy-tickets-189122960867 SEE JAKE AT FEST IN GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA OCT 30+31 https://thefestfl.com/comedy/jake-flores EMAIL US [email protected] PATREON patreon.com/WhyYouMad
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    Only Edgelords Left Alive


    We discuss the work of sculptor Richard Serra, edgelords, Storm King, Jim Jarmusch's Only Lovers Left Alive, Jodorowsky's Dune, Paul F Tompkins, LSD, Young Adult, and more! EMAIL US [email protected] PATREON EPISODES patreon.com/WhyYouMad
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    White Horror


    We discuss solo vacations, LSD, sculptures, Squid Game, white horror, non-white horror, Bingo Hell, Ma, Nightmare on Elm Street, Blumhouse films, and the NYT story Bad Art Friend. EMAIL US AT [email protected] PATREON.COM/WHYYOUMAD for BONUS Q+A eps
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    October Syndrome


    Luisa is BACK and we get right back into it by discussing Jake's theory of October Syndrome, the recent SNL castings, and Dave Chappelle's master opus on gender The Closer. EMAIL US AT [email protected] PATREON FOR BONUS EPS patreon.com/WhyYouMad
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    American Horror Story/Candyman


    It's fall and as such we are discussing two extremely WYM spooky stories: American Horror Story's newest mini-season and Jordan Peele's Candyman. Plus drinking and not sleeping. EMAIL US [email protected] WE ANSWER QUESTIONS ON OUR PATREON Patreon.com/WhyYouMad
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    Why You Malignant


    We talk NYC stand up, our pal Bruno Latour, Norm Macdonald, John Mulaney and the confusing masterpiece that is Malignant. Email us at [email protected] PATREON Q&A eps patreon.com/WHYYOUMAD
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    Hot Topic


    We're back from our break and we're here to discuss the thing where AOC wore a dress to the Met Gala, the Sackler Family, Hot Topic mall culture, Aesop Rock and more! If you're DYING to hear us discuss the fight we got in on our last patreon episode, or you just want to hear our regular Q&A episodes, email us questions at: [email protected] AND sign up for our PATREON at: Patreon.com/WhyYouMad Come to CASUAL SETS this wednesday now in BROOKLYN: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/casual-sets-comedy-tickets-168961360979 and check out Jake's new album streaming LIVE on September 24th at 2pm and 10pm on SIRIUSXM comedy radio!

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