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In We're Spinning Plates, Ciara and Em talk about navigating life in their early twenties, and their experiences balancing work, side hustles, and their personal lives. In each episode they dive into their highs and lows of the past week, explore a topic of interest, and step into their agony aunt shoes to answer your burning questions and dilemmas.

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    S2 E9: Bake Off Predictions, Advent Calendars & Podcasts We Love


    We can't believe we've reached the end of season two already! In our final episode we stuck to our roots and did what we do best...rambled on for just under an hour. We talked advent calendars and the beginning of the festive season (Christmas hot drinks anyone?), Ciara's new job and a four day working week, and predicted the Bake Off finalists. Since we'll be disappearing for a few weeks now to prep for season three, we finished the episode with a list of book, TV, and podcast recommendations to see you through.  Have any requests for next season? DM us on Instagram!  See you very soon,  Ciara & Em xxx INSTA: @werespinningplates, @alittlewriterem & @ciarascorner_
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    S2 E8 Chats With Jess: Moving Abroad, Trying New Things & Taking Leaps


    Today marks our final guest of the season! Jess (you may recognise her from her BookTube days) is someone that we were VERY excited to sit down and chat with. In this episode we talked about knowing when to leave careers or hobbies that don't serve you anymore, taking risks and Jess' experience of moving across the world to Qatar. Jess is a great example of having the courage to try new adventures, and loving your life for it - we all need a bit of that inspo! We hope you love this one as much as we do.  Speak to you next week,  Em & Ciara xxx INSTA: @werespinningplates, @alittlewriterem & @ciarascorner_
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    S2 E7: Feeling Autumnal, Interior Design & A Sally Rooney Book Discussion


    It's that time of the week again, and we are hyped to be back chatting to you all. This week we discussed Sally Rooney's recent novel "Beautiful World Where are You" in depth, since it was such an anticipated release for us and we both loved some of her other work. Hands up who wants a We're Spinning Plates Book Club! We also talked about some recent TV obsessions, getting cosy and autumnal and making a house your own.  See you next week with our last guest of the season... Em & Ciara xxx  INSTA: @werespinningplates, @alittlewriterem and @ciarascorner_
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    S2 E6 Chats with Kirsten: Owning a Small Business & Chasing Your Dreams


    If you're staring at our logo right now, why not listen to us chat to the artist who designed it? This week our guest was Kirsten Davis, artist and small business owner. We discussed the realities of owning a business and pursuing a creative passion, Kirsten's temporary tattoo range that went viral, and what TV shows we'd like to go on if we got the chance. Please go and support Kirsten after you listen to this, you absolutely won't regret it! See you next week,  Ciara & Em xxx INSTAGRAM: @kirstendaviss, @werespinningplates, @alittlewriterem & @ciarascorner_
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    S2 E5: The Agony Aunt Episode


    Happy Wednesday! You may have noticed that this season has been missing a major element of our podcast...we've been saving up our agony aunt dilemmas for a bumper episode. I know, WILD. Today we answer your questions about making friends at work, setting goals for yourself, feeling apprehensive about university and being friends with exes.  We hope you enjoy! You can submit questions for our next season via the link in our Instagram bio.  See you soon, Ciara & Em xxx INSTAGRAM: @werespinningplates, @alittlewriterem & @ciarascorner_
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    S2 E4 Chats With Sarah: Being a Bookseller & Cooking for 365 Days


    We're back with our second guest of the season, and it's an episode with so much laughter it makes us smile just hearing it back. Meet Sarah: Waterstones bookseller, food influencer and master of TikTok. We chatted about our favourite meals, how her 'cooking everyday for a year' challenge is going and how to make recipes vegan friendly. And then we finished recording and all went for tapas.  Enjoy!  Ciara and Em xx  Instagram: @chadwickinthekitchen, @alittlewriterem, @ciarascorner_ & @werespinningplates 
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    S2 E3: Wild Weekends, New Bookshops & Best Books of the Summer


    Welcome to episode three - our bookish episode! This week we rounded up our best books of the summer, and books we're looking forward to reading this autumn. Whether it's an emotional literary fiction, a rom com or a rediscovered classic, we hope there's something for everyone here. In our round up we talked trips to London (and the best hot chocolate in the world), food festivals and afternoon tea. Disclaimer: when we said 'Wild Weekends' in the title, we meant wild for us.  What was your best book of the summer? We'd love to know. See you next week! Ciara and Em xxx  Instagram: @ciarascorner_ @alittlewriterem & @werespinningplates
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    S2 E2: Gilmore Girls, Horoscopes & Chats With Our Little Sisters


    We present to you...our first guest! Now we KNOW this episode has chaotic energy, but with two sets of sisters, what do you expect? In this episode we go down memory lane with Rachel and Etain, chatting about all things growing up with a sister, Gilmore Girls, and what we're excited for in the future.  Hope you love our sisters as much as we do!  See you next week,  Ciara and Em xxxx  Instagram: @werespinningplates, @alittlewriterem & @ciarascorner_
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    S2 E1: Welcome to Season Two


    Guess who's back with a brand new track? Spoiler alert, it's us. Welcome to season 2 of We're Spinning Plates, we're so happy to have you here!  Today's episode is a huge catch up with you guys and a run down of what's to come as we embark on a new season. Things are different around here but we love it and we hope you will too.  See you next week, Ciara & Em xxx Instagram:  @werespinningplates @ciarascorner_ @alittlewriterem 
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    Cats of TikTok, Olympic Gymnastics & the Future of We‘re Spinning Plates


    We might have skipped a week but we are BACK, explaining where we were and how we're shaking up the podcast in a (hopefully) new and exciting direction. In our weekly round up we chatted all things Love Island and the Olympic Games, the first post-lockdown cinema trip, and creative burnout when it comes to long term projects. We're so excited to take We're Spinning Plates to the next level, let us know on Instagram what you think of our announcement!  See you very soon,  Ciara & Em xxx Instagram:  @werespinningplates @ciarascorner_ @alittlewriterem

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