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Tokyo Weightlifting M109 | REPORT

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M109kg A Group Report

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00:00 - Intro
01:57 - Snatch
10:38 - C&J
23:23 - The Winner
24:27 - Outro

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    Sohrab Moradi's World Record Trajectory | WL News


    Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code HOUSE20 at MANSCAPED.com! #ad #manscapedpodCoaches Onlyhttps://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/coaches-only-october-2021/00:00 - Intro01:35 - Sohrab Moradi's Decline03:19 - Sohrab Moradi's Returns06:39 - Manscaped08:35 - Weekly Highlights10:40 - People's Muscle Snatch Meet14:40 - Outro
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    Velocity, with Greg Everett, Wil Fleming, and Stu Martin


    Coaches Only | Oct 16-17https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/coaches-only-october-2021/
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    From National to International | Beau Brown


    Beau Brown has been a friend of ours since he first joined the sport. Now as a national champion he prepares for his first international meets at the Pan American Championships and World Championships later this year. We chatted with him about his journey.https://www.instagram.com/beau_96kg/https://www.instagram.com/seb_ostrowicz/https://www.instagram.com/weightlifting_house/https://www.instagram.com/josh_philwl/
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    Worlds is Announced! & Chinese Games are Here | WL News


    Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code HOUSE20 at MANSCAPED.com! #ad #manscapedpod#AthletesOnlyhttps://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/athletes-only-september-2021/--04:45 - Team China08:48 - Russia, Okulov09:04 - Italy, Pizzolato09:54 - Sweden, Daniela Gherman10:23 - The Manscaped Bit14:04 - Georgia, Lasha14:51 - Uzbekistan, Nurudinov15:08 - USA, Jordan Wissinger15:40 - Canada, Shania Bedward15:58 - Egypt, Hulk Weightlifter16:49 - The People's Lifts20:20 - Outro
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    Allocating Stress w/ Spencer A, Sean W, Ursula P, and Josh G


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    Hugh Gilmore | Routine, Clarking, Flow...


    #AthletesOnly - https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/athletes-only-september-2021/Hugh Gilmore spoke with me today about psychology, specifically the internal mechanism that leads to clarking a weight, pre-performance routines, meditation, and the way in which coaches and athletes ought communicate more.Go and follow Hugh!https://www.instagram.com/hughjohngilmore/https://twitter.com/hughjgilmorehttps://eightypercentmental.com/https://podiumpsychology.com/
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    New 208kg Unofficial WORLD RECORD by... | WL News


    #AthletesOnly early-bird ticket | https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/athletes-only-september-2021/#SaveWeightlifting | https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/saveweightlifting/Virus x W|H | https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/https://patreon.com/weightliftinghouse00:00 - Intro01:05 - Yang Zhe Close Grip Snatch 160kg02:16 - Yuan Chengfei 210kg Bottom Up OHS03:03 - Unofficial 208kg World Record05:16 - Lu Xiaojun Unretires?06:32 - Loredana Toma Snatches 115kg07:07 - Athletes Only09:21 - Antonino Pizzolato Snatches 170kg10:28 - Mart Seim's Comeback11:41 - Olivia Reeves Lifts Big13:06 - Hampton Morris13:48 - More IWF/IOC News17:04 - The People's Lifts19:57 - Outro
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    Over/Underrated Accessories | Questions w/ Seb & Josh


    It's good to be back on a main show with Josh! Today we answered some questions that were sent in through Patreon.Join Patreon for extra content! https://www.patreon.com/weightliftinghouse
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    Unreleased Pre-Olympic Records, IWF vs IOC, 165kg Muscle Snatch? | WL News


    Get 20% OFF @manscaped + Free Shipping with promo code HOUSE20 at MANSCAPED.com! #ad #manscapedpod#AthletesOnlyhttps://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/athletes-only-september-2021/00:00 - Intro01:25 - Athletes Only02:29 - Tokyo 2021 Stats07:31 - Non Olympic Lifts09:58 - ManScaped13:35 - USA15:52 - Europe16:50 - Lasha18:55 - Iran19:37 - Scandinavia20:22 - Australia21:30 - IOC vs IWF27:06 - The People's Lifts29:18 - Outro
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    Tokyo Weightlifting M+109 | REPORT


    M+109kg A Group ReportWH Tokyo Hub | https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/10% off storewide | https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/15% off LASHA500 Tee for 24 hours | https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/product/lasha-500/https://www.weightliftinghouse.com/shopusa/athletes-only-september-2021/More videos, podcasts, & programminghttps://www.patreon.com/weightliftinghouse00:00 The Line-Up02:14 Snatches06:47 Lasha Snatches09:45 Clean & Jerks10:22 Blooper10:49 Clean & Jerks16:29 Lasha Clean & Jerks18:25 What a Games

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