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Dr. Siobhan Key, MD

If you are a physician who wants to lose weight but finds it hard to make changes consistently (especially in those really busy weeks), this podcast is for you. I am Dr. Siobhan Key, a Weight Loss Coach for physicians, a practicing Obesity Medicine Physician and an expert in emotional and binge eating. Together, in each weekly episode, we dive into all topics that impact eating and weight. So that you can find freedom around food and reach all of your goals. Learn how to kickstart your weight loss with tools that will actually last with the free Weight Loss Kickstart Course at https://weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/kickstart

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    Deciding on Your Goal Weight: An Interview with Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie


    Have you ever wondered what your right goal weight is?  Then this episode is for you!   Dr. Sylvia Gonsahn-Bollie, M.D joins me on the podcast as we talk about how to determine what your weight should be, what your “Happy Weight” is, and the customized approaches you can take to help you get there. Dr. Gosahn-Bollie is an internal &  obesity medicine physician and a best selling author. Kickstart your weight loss with the FREE weight loss kickstart program.  Get instant access now at https;//weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/kickstart
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    The Weight Loss Skills No One Talks About


    How do you lose weight... Just stick to your diet and throw in some regular exercise, right? Sounds simple, so why does it feel so hard? “Sticking to your diet” enough to lose weight (and keep it off) involves many other skills that you probably haven’t been taught. In this episode, I am talking about all the weight loss skills that no one talks about.  Learning these skills are what make it possible to follow your eating plan and lose weight. I teach these skills inside Stress Eating SOS, my weight loss program exclusively for physicians. Black Friday Specials are on now just in time for the holiday season. Go to https://weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/sos to learn more.
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    Finding Time to Lose Weight- Real Life Tips


    Do you find it hard to find 5 minutes to yourself in your days, let alone focus on losing weight? I get it.  And I’ve got some tips for you... In this episode I am sharing some of my favorite time saving tips for weight loss with you. These real world tips come from my own personal experience and from working with other physicians who struggle with their weight. If you’re looking for more support, check out the Stress Eating SOS program, exclusively for physicians. Join before Nov 30th  and score some amazing Black Friday deals! www.weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/sos
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    Get a Handle on Weight Regain


    When was the last time you regained some weight and struggled to get back on track? Does weight regain make you feel out of control and like you can’t manage it?  In this episode I am talking about weight regain, how it impacts everyone at some point in their weight loss, and how you can manage it so that it doesn’t suddenly feel so out of control that you don’t know where to start.  Evening eating is the most common issue that the Physicians I work with struggle with. That’s why I am bringing back my End Evening Eating Masterclass. Learn more and register today for this FREE workshop. Learn more: www.weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/masterclass
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    How to Manage Kids & Weight: An Interview with Dr. Wendy Schofer


    This week on the podcast I am joined by Dr. Wendy Schofer. Dr. Schofer is a certified life & health coach and pediatrician, who specializes in helping parents struggling with their kids' weight & obesity. Are you a parent who has ever worried about your child’s weight? Do you worry that your own struggles with weight have an impact on your children? Or, are you a Physician looking for a more effective way to support your patients with all of the issues that surround their weight?  Listen to the full episode to learn more about how you can empower yourself, your children or your patients to move forward.  
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    Weight Related Shame


    Do you find yourself feeling ashamed of your weight? What impact does that shame have on your life? And what would your life be like if you could learn to let go of the shame? In this episode I talk about ways to approach your weight related shame from a place of kindness and compassion, so that you can overcome the shame and lose weight from a place of kindness. Join me for the Back on Track Workshop. This 2-series virtual workshop will teach you the essential skill of getting back on track with your healthy eating and weight loss efforts so you can reach your goals more quickly. Visit www.weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/workshop to learn more.
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    Getting Back on Track


    Feeling off track with your eating? It can feel like such a giant job to get back on track. In this episode, I am sharing my tips to make it easier to get back on track and moving towards your goals.  Plus, I’m sharing behind the scenes examples of how I am applying these tools in my own life. Want more help with getting yourself back on track?  Join me in the Back on Track Workshop Series.  This two session series will teach you an approach that simplifies the process so it fits into your busy physician life.  Plus develop your own plan with support during the second session. Learn more at: https://weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/workshop
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    Burnout, Depression, and Your Weight


    Feeling burnt out? Dealing with a low mood? You are not alone. Burnout and low mood can impact your healthy eating and weight significantly (not to mention the rest of your life).  So how do you deal with it? Where should you focus first? Listen to this full podcast episode to hear about my personal struggle with burnout this past summer, and my tips for getting better.   If you are in crisis, there are people who can help.  Call the physician crisis line or talk to your doctor. Helplines: Canada: 1-833-456-4566 or text 741-741 USA: 1-800-273 8255  
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    Kickstart Series: Q&A


    It is possible to lose weight and do it in a way that is enjoyable.    In this final episode of the Weight Loss Kickstart series I give you an inside look at our final Q&A session. This session was an opportunity to ask any remaining questions as we wrapped up the Kickstart Challenge.  Listen to the full episode for the inside scoop on what others are asking when it relates to just getting started or moving forward and taking control of the weight loss experience.    The FREE Weight Loss Kickstart mini course is a personalized approach to weight loss that’s easy to start, lasts and fits into your busy physician life without feeling like you are on a diet. Get your access to the Kickstart course at www.weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/kickstart
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    Kickstart Series: What are the Next Steps?


    Do you know how you would handle missteps that you find along the way to weight loss?You’ve started, but where do you go from here and what are your next steps?   This episode is all about the next steps; how to move beyond the starting point, what missteps you might encounter along the way, and how to take control of your future. Listen to the full episode for more. And, don’t forget to check out the FREE Weight Loss Kickstart mini course. Visit www.weightsolutionsforphysicians.ca/kickstart 

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