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The Cosmic Business Podcast

Paula Crossfield

The Cosmic Business Podcast is a show for spirit-led entrepreneurs who want to create purposeful and profitable businesses aligned with the planets. Join Vedic Astrologer and Business Coach Paula Crossfield for soulful, honest, and wisdom-packed conversations with spirit-led CEOs, creative changemakers, and culture-shifters who are building thriving businesses by prioritizing purpose, well-being, and spiritual principles. From authentic marketing strategies, to money karma, to soulful sales, to building giving back into your business model, and aligning to the current astrology, Paula and her guests offer practical insights, proven strategies, and candid stories to help you build a profitable business that stays true to your values, nourishes yourself and the planet, and helps you earn wildly well (so you can bankroll the change you want to see in the world)! Have a question or topic you’d love featured on the show? Go to to submit your ideas or email [email protected]

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