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Visegrad Media Consumption and its Illiberal Turn

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On the 9th of May, Russian President Vladimir Putin holds his Victory Day Parade. Can Russia win this war? We survey our top experts for the answers. Future of Europe conference final report will be announced today. New sanctions on Russian oil have been postponed.

In the second part of the podcast, Editor-in-chief Wojciech Przybylski talks with Václav Štětka Principal Investigator of the Illiberal Project at Loughborough University and Sabina Mihelj (co-investigator), Professor of Media and Cultural Analysis in the School of Social Sciences, Loughborough University on the illiberal turn in the region and the role of media, at a key point in time when the region is undergoing dramatic changes given populism, illiberalism, and democratic backsliding.

Speakers: Miles R. Maftean (Editorial Director)

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