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EU's Grip of Political Control in Poland Released With Resilience Recovery Plan Adoption

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Insights from the GLOBSEC Forum meeting, notably missing key Hungarian and Polish representatives. The adoption of the Resilience Recovery plan comes at a (legal) price, as critics claim. Hungary attacks Ukraine on social media. Will the Visegrad format be forgotten when Czechia resumes the EU presidency? Common efforts in the Visegrad Group to increase candidate status for Ukraine minus Hungary. Planned cuts for public broadcasting and rumours of capturing political control in Czechia. PM Kallas in political turmoil as her party loses their coalition in Estonia.

In the second part of the podcast, Christine Karelska, a Future of Ukraine Fellow, discusses the role of sports diplomacy in the battle against Russia due to its unjustified invasion of Ukraine. She specifies what role FIFA plays and teases what's ahead in her series featuring several national Ukranian football players who are taking up the fight against Russia.

Speakers: Wojciech Przybylski (Editor-in-chief) and Miles R. Maftean (Editorial Director).

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