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You can’t teach everything you know in an hour. (At least we hope not!) So, if you are a speaker, consultant or coach are you allowing people to take more of your wisdom home?

Anyone can write a book, but do you have the right book? Do you offer it in your proposals? What if you could wave your speaking fee and still earn revenue. Darren sits down with his publisher, Henry Devires to get some insights from experience.

Why other experience does Henry offer? "The Agency Owner Book Guy" | Author of Marketing With A Book For Agency Owners | Agency Owner News | Agency owner TV show host | Professional Speaker | CEO of Indie Books | Ghostwriter & Writer for Forbes.com & Inc.com



• Henry’s background


• Tapping into other budgets


• Why the right book matters


• What is an independent publisher?


• 3 Critical Mistakes author’s make


• It easier, faster and more affordable now than in the 1990’s


• The two biggest book revolutions publishing in the past 20 years


• Persistently helpful


• Success stories from Henry’s authors


• Write the Right Book Workshop

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