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Matt Sekeres and Blake Price, two of the most popular voices of Vancouver hockey, formerly on TSN 1040, are back with a new show for the digital space. Three straight hours daily featuring long time Canucks reporter Jeff Paterson and top insiders delivering the latest breaking news, insight, analysis and opinions on the Vancouver Canucks, NHL, PGA, CFL and breaking down the biggest news from the world of sports.

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    December 7 2021 - Charean Williams (NFL Insider), Patrick Johnston (The Province Reporter), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)


    The show started off with Matt and Blake talking about the debut of Bruce Boudreau and the immediate affect he has had on the team and the city.  The Welcome Matt talks about Stan Smyl. Charean Williams joined us a day later with all the Canucks news in the previous show. She liked the game plan from Bill Bellichick, that was very run heavy. Doesn’t remember the last time she saw him the giddy after the win. Talked about Baltimore and the direction they are heading. Not ruling them out because they have Lamar Jackson and John Harbaugh. Sometimes it feels like it’s not your year and this is that year for the Ravens. Talked about Lions win. Talked about MVP. If she were to vote today. Patrick Johnston joined Matt and Blake in his normal slot. Talked about what he made of the Francesco’s press conference yesterday. Was so big that it had him working on a day that he normally has off. Talked about his question to FA about brining in somebody that has worked here in the past. Thinks that Gillis is an extreme remote chance. It’s not clear where they are going to go with this. He picked a couple people that were big flashy choices and then soured on them. Talked about Smyl’s relationship with ownership. Has done so many jobs within the organization. Ran through all the jobs he has done. He is the loyal soldier but since TL departed, Stan had become a diminished voice. Talked about the win over the Kings. Talked about how leading early hasn’t been a calling card for the team. Was refreshing to see. Talked about EP40. As this season wound along, we could see it in the metrics that there was a choice to not be as fast and aggressive. This is not a team that is designed to play safe. PJ answered the poll question. Talked about the team playing to the fans a little bit more. The Canucks changing a goal song, doesn’t have to be permanent.  Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot with plenty to talk about!  See for privacy information.
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    December 6 2021 - Vancouver Canucks Press Conference: Francesco Aquilini, Stan Smyl and Bruce Boudreau


    The show started off with Matt and Blake talking about the firing of Travis Green and Jim Benning. Sekeres talking about the hiring of Bruce Boudreau and if it makes any sense.  We ran the Francesco Aquilini, Stan Smyl and Bruce Boudreau press conference. Matt and Blake offered their thoughts on what they heard following that.  Following that John Shannon joined the guys. What happened in Vancouver is something that happened in Montreal. Stan is in a tough spot but someone has to be there to answer the phone calls. Doesn’t see Smyl becoming the permanent GM. Even though he views Stan as a friend. His job in management is the same as when he was a player. He has done absolutely anything and everything that is asked of him. Talked about FA becoming more transparent. Says it’s Monday. Lets just wait and see how transparent they are with finding the right person to come in and run the organization and let them to the job. The M.O. of this family is that they are the most difficult to deal with in the league. Talked about Mike Forde but says that Bettman will be involved in finding someone. Says the players haven’t pull their weight in all of this. That bulletproof vest is gone now and it’s all on the players. Talked about when we may see a POHO or new GM. Seems like Chicago is waiting to the end of the season. Thinks the faster they put it together, the better. Again, says it’s Monday. Need to wait and see.  Following John, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot, after he hustled back from the rink. Jeff talked about what he heard and saw from the rink after Francesco Aquilini addressed the media for the first time in a long time. As well as thoughts on Stan Smyl and Bruce Boudreau. See for privacy information.
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    🚨Emergency Podcast: Major Shakeup with the Vancouver Canucks


    The Canucks cleaned house parting ways with head coach Travis Green and general manager Jim Benning. Matt Sekeres is joined by the Rink Wide team of Jeff Paterson and Andrew Wadden as they broke down the news when it unfolded in Vancouver and around the NHL.  See for privacy information.
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    December 3 2021 - Brian Williams (Legendary Canadian Broadcaster), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter)


    Legendary Broadcaster, Brian Williams joined Matt and Blake as he announces his retirement after a 50 year career. Talked about the start of his career and a few of the early Grey Cups he has worked. He recited, incredibly, where he was sitting in some of these games, the score, the story of the game. Talked about what he enjoyed the most of what he has seen. Says one of the earliest lessons he learned is that he is a story teller. Talked about his early days in Invermere, BC. It’s where he learned country music and dancing. Talked about they Olympics in Vancouver. Says that in his conversations with Olympic officials, that Vancouver was the city that bought in the most. Vancouver changed the way Canadian athletes approached the Olympics. Heading into the games, Canada was the only country to host the games twice and never win a gold medal. Talked about his best moments in his career. They are all exciting and all good. Rick Dhaliwal of Donnie and Dhali joined the guys in his regular Friday spot. Talked about why he keeps his phone on set while doing his show live. Talked about Scott Mellanby and that he is hearing his name more. Says Bergevin isn’t coming here until there is full autonomy. Talked about the Aquilini family structure. Hasn’t heard much but keeps hearing “patience”. Says this franchise is 2 to 3 smart decisions away from being a contender. TG has be feeling better after a couple of wins. Do what Jeff Gorton did today. He laid out a mission statement.  Seattle expansion has 9 more goals than the Canucks. Rick doesn’t understand why Dowling is on his left side if they are trying to bump his slump. This team would be in a totally different spot of Boeser had 10 goals and EP had 13. Talked about Abby. Everything is fine with Klimovich. Not many people know how tough that league is. He is only 18 and the youngest guy in the league. Rick’s gut says he won’t go to junior. He has hit a wall and getting a reset. Don’t read too much into it. Believes Evander Kane’s agent has talked to the Canucks. Though, he doesn’t see it happening. Talked about Hamonic and all the coincidences. Talked about De Brusk. A 7th round won’t cut it.  Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. Talked about how excited he is to see Sidney Crosby tomorrow. Talked about why. Says that for the profile that he has, he knows almost nothing about him. He is just one part of this machine that is winning. At this stage of his career and this season, he is just one of the guys. Not the headliner in the here and now, but still has that status to him. Talked about the to and fro of Hamonic. Talked about goaltending. Things move quickly in the NHL. Canucks thought they were set for years with Luongo and Schneider. Same thing in PIT that has Jarry as their starter now.  Captain Gregg Bell of the Tacoma News Tribune joined Matt and Blake to talk about the division rivalry match for the Seahawks vs 49ers this weekend. Talked about the Hawks picking up Adrian Peterson. Talked about how AP was tailgating at a college game last weekend. Talked about why they have a need for him in the first place. The average career span for a RB is 2.6 years. AP has played 15… even if there has been limited participation in the last few seasons. That’s why he signed a practice roster spot for a 3-8 team. Talked about the milestones AP is on the verge of breaking. The Seahawks have to make RB decisions well outside of temporarily brining in this player. This is more like a hobby for Pete Carroll. Talked about young players who have something to gain the rest of the way in meaningless games. Gregg is looking at DK Metcalf. Wondering if he really wants to stick around this team with RW3 potentially leaving. He is playing for himself and getting into a position to get a big contract. See for privacy information.
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    December 2 2021 - Tristan Jarry (Pittsburgh Penguins Goaltender), Scott Rintoul (Vancouver Sports Broadcaster), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)


    The show kicked off with the Welcome Matt on the retirement of legendary Canadian broadcaster, Brian Williams and what he meant to the career of so many. Be sure to check out our next episode where we talk to the legend, himself.  Delta’s Tristan Jarry, of the Pittsburgh Penguins joined Matt and Blake. Said it was a slow start to the season but everyone has played their part. Says it’s exciting to play in front of fans and have everyone back in the arena. Says this will be the first time he has played in front of his home town. Talked about the complimentary players that round out the lineup. They do a lot of the thankless jobs, pucks in deep, crash the net and that’s what makes them special. Talked about what it’s like to play with Malkin and Crosby. They are the best at what they do. Talked about his journey to be the number 1 goalie for the Penguins. Started with WBS and playing with Matt Murray then seeing MAF leave and get a chance to get in. Talked about waiting his turn to win a cup after being there for MAF and Murray. Talked about his relationship with Carter Hart. Talked about his little bet with him. Hart got the better of him last year. Hoping he can do better this year. Talked about Olympics. Wouldn’t have any problems going if he got the call. Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake in his regular spot. Started talking about the back to back wins coming into today. Nice to see fans there now. There was a bit of a novelty with Montreal after the changes they made. Schenn should turn that goal into an NFT. The two wins allowed them a little bit of breathing room before they ultimately make the right decision. Talked about if there are any external pressures for the Canucks to make those decisions. He doesn’t think Whitecaps will play any part. Maybe MTL will. You can’t evaluate the direction of the club after two win. The first 24 should have done that. Talked about Bergevin and Mellanby. Worries that MB may be burned out a bit, like Torts was here. Would want to talk to SM. That puts him into a wide category within the NHL. Talked about the four assist night for Quinn Hughes. He has been erratic. Started pretty good, then a time being in the ditch. Now back to Quinn Hughes we know. Talked about the Schenn goal. Talked about Hamonic and his ordeal with the team right now. Talked about the upcoming home-stand. Thinks they need for 4 of 6 and talked about what that would do for the team. Talked about the inner workings of the GM search. Talked about Evander Kane and if Scotty would have him on the Canucks. It’s a pressure packed scenario. Talked about players who have come to Vancouver and made it their home. Doesn’t think it’s a good fit for Kane to come back here. Doesn’t see a way back in SJ. Talked about the Seahawks. Talked about Hockey Helps the Homeless and emceeing that event.  Jeff Paterson joined and started off with a laugh about Luke Schenn’s performance last night and the celebration of his incredible goal. Went on to talk about his partnership with Quinn Hughes. Jeff says that whoever is playing with him, be it Schenn or Hamonic, they are playing better because of how well QH43 is playing this season. He is racking up points at a near point per game pace. Talked about what the plan should be for Hamonic. JPat answered the poll question. Doesn’t think the Canucks should pick up Evander Kane. The drama always follows.  See for privacy information.
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    December 1 2021 - Canucks Pre-Game, Darren Dreger (TSN NHL Insider), Vanni Sartini (Vancouver Whitecaps FC Head Coach)


    The show kicked off with the Welcome Matt and the potential of the Canucks bringing back Gillis and Gilman as the President and GM. Jeff Paterson, our Canucks Reporter joined ahead of the game vs Ottawa. Jeff reacted to the Kevin Epp interview, where he blamed the media for the poor on ice performance of the team. Talked about the potential of back to back wins for the 2nd time this season.  Darren Dreger joined Matt and Blake and started off by summing up his moustache game, through November and where he stood in his company podium. Talked about the Canucks expressing interest in Jake De Brusk. The issue right now is the Marchand suspension and Covid outbreak in their American League franchise. St. Louis has always tried to get him. Maybe the market has softened on Boston’s demands but it’ll be a few pieces. Doesn’t know if Vancouver has been interested in him before. Would be surprised if they weren’t. His playoff stats stand out. There is some accountability that needs to be here from Jake De Brusk. He isn’t the player his prospect card had him out to be. Says the team should have refined his skillset a little bit more. Everybody should accept the blame. There is going to have to be a contract that goes the other way, as BOS is a cap team. Don Sweeny has an uphill battle for his client. Talked about the Habs house-cleaning. Hasn’t heard anything directly connecting those executives to the Canucks. Thinks Bergevin has earned a break. He will welcome the recharge. Talked about other potential GM candidates for MTL. Talked about what he is hearing on Jim Rutherford. Not a lot, which is sad. JR has earned the right to be selective and has turned down opportunities. Doesn’t know what they were but probably advisory roles. You’re not going to peer over someones shoulders with his resume. Would take a GM job is it was the right fit.   The new Head Coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps joined Matt and Blake a day after signing on as the new permanent man for the job. Talked about how excited he is for Jan 15th to come. Talked about what he thought his chances were of of getting the full time show. Says after the win against MUFC he knew he had a solid chance. He knows what he is good at. Talked about his leadership style. Talked about how the team will improve next year. Talked about how he celebrated with his family. See for privacy information.
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    November 30 2021 - Kat Botchford, Patrick Johnston (Post Media), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)


    The show kicked off with a Welcome Matt on how Trevor Linden might feel about all this. Kathryn Botchford, of the Botchford Project joined Matt and Blake to talk about the legacy Jason left in this market. The more we can focus on his legacy and how pay it forward, the better. Talked about how he was with younger reporters and those looking to get in the industry. Talked about how people have embraced this project. She gave a lot of credit to JPat who has been the voice of this project. Talked about what she looks for in a candidate. What is your voice. Are you going to challenge the status quo? She takes this seriously. It’s bitter sweet and she gets emotional and understands that she has the potential to change a career. Talked about how life is now. It’s been challenging since moving back east about a year ago. Talked about the hall of fame luncheon as a guest of Tony Gallagher. Talked about bringing Jason’s father with her. The Price is Right is on Vanni Sartini and his new deal with the Whitecaps.  Patrick Johnston of Post Media joined Matt and Blake with plenty to discuss. Talked about which was more important, the EP40 goal or the win. They needed their star to show he still knows how to do it because for awhile, it didn’t look like he did. Talked about the new Covid variant and if it could throw a wrench into the hockey season. People are still allowed to go to Canucks games because we have done such a good job of preventative measures. The fourth wave is declining and hospitals are still in good shape. Talked about if December will save the jobs of Green and Benning. Talked about the Aquilini family and how this team could be passed through the grandkids. It’s a large part of the family wealth and PJ doesn’t see it going anywhere. Talked about potential replacements for Green and Benning.  Jeff Paterson, our Canucks reporter was back in his regular spot. Talked about how nice it was to see a win in the last game. Talked about EP40 and that he finally dug in that forced opponents to react to him. He is one of the few guys that has the ability. Wonders if he is the third line centre the team has been looking for… Talked about Travis Hamonic and where he could possibly be as well as his deployment in both Vancouver and Utica.  See for privacy information.
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    November 29 2021 - Canucks Pre-Game with Jeff Paterson, Charean Williams (NFL Insider), John Shannon (Co- Host of the Bob McGown Podcast)


    The Welcome Matt kicked off the show and Matt went over his weekend Twitter activity and why he has a problem with network coverage of the Vancouver Canucks.  Jeff Paterson, our Canucks Reporter, joined us off the top to look into some of the storylines leading into the the game vs Montreal.  The Price is Right on the state of Elias Pettersson. Charean Williams joined Matt and Blake and started talking about if Kingsbury would really leave the Cards for a college job. Does him no good to say he isn’t interested while he is looking for a raise. Don’t need to worry about the kids in the NFL, you have a GM for all that. Head Coach is the easiest life at any level of football. Talked about if we will see the Seahawks on primetime again. Says they could go on a run where week 18 might be important. Talked about who the best teams are. The Rams defence befuddles her. Thinks she’s had at least 5 or 6 teams as the top team throughout the season. Talked about the hoodie in New England. Doesn’t see them going to the SB because they have a rookie QB. DIdn’t see it coming. Talked about the Bengals and how long it’s been since they have done anything. Talked about the Chargers and who they are. They have a lot of talent. Go down the list and it’s so much talent. Thinks they have underachieved.  NHL Insider, John Shannon joined Matt and Blake and talked about the week that was for the Vancouver Canucks in terms of front office moves. Talked about who will help the Canucks search for their new executives. Talked about the process of hiring when the NHL is lending a helping hand. Talked about the MTL situation and Jeff Gorton. Talked about Alain Vigneault. Talked about Petey and his decline. Referenced Jeff Skinner signing for 9 million and scoring 2 goals. The thing about EP40 is it’s so early in his career that puts you in a quandary. Wonders if his wrist ever gets back to 100%. It’s so important for his game. People can move him off the puck. The first year and a half players were scared of him. Talked about the possibility of Scott Mellanby joining the franchise in Vancouver. John hasn’t heard anything. It was the first thing that John thought have when he resigned from MTL. JS is not concerned about the future of Scott Mellanby. He will be back in hockey very soon.  See for privacy information.
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    November 26 2021 - Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter), Rick Dhaliwal (Co-Host of Donnie and Dhali), Jarmo Kekäläinen (Columbus Blue Jackets General Manager), Gregg Bell (Seahawks Reporter)


    Jeff Paterson, our Canucks Reporter, joined us off the top to look into some of the storylines leading into the the game vs Columbus. Rick Dhaliwal, host of Donnie and Dhali. Came on and started talking about what John Weisbrod does. Couldn’t believe Blake tweeted it out. Rick has had that conversation. Thinks that Travis Green is angry with Matt. He doesn’t believe there is that rift in the dressing room. There is no way they should be happy. They are a bottom 5 team. Rick talked about all the rumours that are circulating out there right now. There are people that are wanting to leak certain names in this market. Rick really thought something was going to happen Thursday morning. Heard Claude Julien’s name three to four weeks back. It’s a name that has popped up. Would not be surprised if they have touched base with him Doesn’t know if the team has permission to reach out. Doesn’t see a big name coming in right now. Talked about some of the players who left.  Jarmo Kekalainen joined Matt and Blake to talk about his career and the CLB Blue Jackets. Talked about their late prospect and how the team rallied around that moment. Talked what it will take for more European’s coming to work in the NHL outside of being a player. Talked about Team Finland and being involved in that for the Olympics.  Gregg Bell of the News Tribune in Tacoma joined Matt and Blake ahead of the Seahawks game this weekend. Says they need to win one game before they talk about going on a run, being 4 games below 500. It’s foreign to them to be out of it in November. They will rally if their QB plays better. All evidence is that he came back too soon. He has to play better. This is an issue they haven’t had in 10 years. Talked about the weeks he was out and the wobbly balls that have been thrown since he came back. You have to figure he will get better. If he gets better, they have a chance. Doesn’t get the sense the owner wants the operation starting over. Talked about if this could be the last time we see the Seahawks in primetime. Gregg thinks that this is where this is headed, we’ll see if they rally. See for privacy information.
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    November 25 2021 - Scott Rintoul (Vancouver Sportscaster), Jeff Paterson (Canucks Reporter)


    We kick off the show with a Welcome Matt that questions the health of Luigi Aquilini where Matt wonders if he is in good health, otherwise why is he letting his good name be dragged through the mud.  Scott Rintoul joined Matt and Blake and started off with the state of the Canucks. Says that days like this does and doesn’t make him miss talking about it everyday for 4 hours. Says it’s an angry fan base right now, not apathetic. It’s pretty obvious something needs to change here and simply trading a player won’t fix anything. Thinks changes are coming. Talked about J.T. Miller. He can be a very polarizing figure. There is no doubting how much he wants to win and do everything he can do to win. Fans want to see the same fire in the belly from a lot of the other players. He is will to leave it out there despite a lot of people not liking it. Thinks it’s adding to the negativity but it’s never stopped him from saying what he wants to say. Scotty talks about Hockey Helps the Homeless and why he is hosting the event for them this year Our Canucks reporter, Jeff Paterson joined in his regular spot. In an effort to not talk about the Canucks, JPat talks about the cannon. Alas, back on track and Jeff tells us why he is concerned with EP40. Jeff answered the Bodog Poll Question, saying this isn’t rock bottom for the Canucks. Suggests there is more room to fall. Talked about the Blues, the year they won the cup and what ensued that year for them to get to the bottom. It was another very entertaining edition of Take 5 Thursday where Blake was looking to even the standings on a near impossible argument. You’ll want to hear it! See for privacy information.

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