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Double storey warehousing, a supercharged retail sector and the democratisation of supply chain technology are all discussed on the first episode of Ti Talks Supply Chains.

Guests this episode include Ti Insight's founder John Manners-Bell, Ti Insight's Technology Adviser Ken Lyon and Ti Insight researcher Nia Hudson.

Nia will be sharing some key data from our Contract Logistics Report 2022 before we join John and Ken to debate some tech-shortcoming in the sector, and their new book Logistics& Supply Chain Innovation, 2nd Edition.

John, Ken and Nia make some interesting points on how:

  • The global contract logistics market is expected to grow at a slower pace of 7.1% y-o-y
  • If it wasn’t for Amazon, stay at home policies would not have been possible during COVID19.
  • Sensor technology, the Internet of Things and Blockchain are on Ken's tech-to-watch list

Links from this episode!

Nia's Contract Logistics Report 2022

Ti Insight's data platform GSCI.

John & Ken's book Logistics & Supply Chain Innovation

For more independent reports, research and analysis from the team at Ti Insights visit www.ti-insight.com.

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