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Episode 78: Self-Promotion At Work with Lisa Bragg

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In this episode we're shining a light on Author, Consultant and Speaker, Lisa Bragg!

Living with the name Bragg, Lisa has had to master the art and science of self-promotion. She’s seen when being too humble has cost international deals and when bragging right has unlocked opportunities leading to untold fortunes.

Lisa helps high-achievers of all sorts to be seen, heard and share their value with the world. She then takes it a step further to show leaders how to help less visible people on their teams to do the same. Her book, Bragging Rights: How to Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion, launched as a best seller in May 2023.

Bragging Rights is based on insights from Lisa’s career as an award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and consultant.

Lisa’s clients include top 100 financial services firms, professional services, governments, associations, entrepreneurs and not-for-profits.

There are many valuable insights to be gleaned from this episode as William and Lisa discuss:

➢ How to be more comfortable with self-promotion

➢ The social trap of modesty

➢ The myths associated with under-valuing ourselves

➢ Shine Theory

And much much more.

Find out more about the work Lisa does here: Lisa Bragg

Purchase Bragging Rights here: Bragging Rights: How to Talk About Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion: Bragg, Lisa: 9781774582794: Books


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