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Will Blunderfield

Will Blunderfield is a yogi and bestselling world music musician, best known for his uplifting yoga classes and albums like "Hallelujah," which has hit #1 on the iTunes World Music Charts multiple times. Skateboarding legend Jason Ellis says calls him "the funniest guy on Instagram right now…. He’s got some interesting theories. When he talks, it’s time to pay attention. He has some interesting angles that I’ve never heard before" and New York Times Best-selling Author Dr. Christiane Northrup says "Will has the voice of an angel...and balls of steel." In this podcast, he has free-flowing conversations with mentors & experts on such diverse topics as: semen retention, yoga, Wim Hof Method, meditation, herbalism, psychology, holistic well-being, and music, digging deep to find the tools, tactics, and tricks that listeners can use to elevate their lives and cultivate community! Check out all his offerings at

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