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Realizing There Is No Gap - Carla Rotering

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What if the gap between where you are and where you want to be doesn’t really exist? That’s just one of the key realizations Carla Rotering learned in her coaching with Steve Hardison. In this very special conversation with host Meredith Bell, Carla shares limiting beliefs that she became aware of and learned to release.

Carla first met Steve when they were both students at the University of Santa Monica. She takes us behind the scenes in his selection of “My Amy Project” and how that impacted Carla’s relationship with her own adult children. She talks about some of the most impactful moments when Steve drew her attention to specific behaviors that were undermining her ability to show up as her best self.

The beautiful 4-word statement that she shares at the end of this conversation is one that we can all adopt and live by. In fact, she said she “stole” it from Steve to remind herself that she didn’t need to see him as more enlightened or superior. She could BE “living love” just as he is.

About the Guest:

Dr. Carla Rotering, a Pulmonary and Critical Care physician, is a leader, mentor and coach who is deeply committed to people–to their growth, upliftment, resilience and purpose as they strive toward the optimum expression of themselves in their professional and personal lives. She supports mastery for individuals and organizations by employing both experiential and introspective processes.

Carla delivers her guidance and expertise with full-hearted enthusiasm, caring, wisdom and humor. Her life experience and training have offered her a deep appreciation for the role of lifelong learning, coaching and mentoring as it contributes to evolving human potential and our shared ability to expand and grow toward collaboration, excellence and integrity.

Carla is also the founder, consultant, and executive coach at Boxcar International and at She is the co-founder of Our Future Selves retreat series and Everything Under the Sun retreat series. She is the co-author of Language of Caring Guide for Physicians: Communication Essentials for Patient Centered Care and the recipient of the Phoenix Business Journal’s HealthCare Heroes Lifetime Achievement Award in 2019.


> Individual and organizational Coaching and Self-Mastery

> Destination Retreats and Workshops

> Speaking, Keynote addresses

> Leadership development and Mentorship

> Individual and Organizational Attentive Communication Skills Training

About the Host:

Meredith Bell is the Co-founder and President of Grow Strong Leaders. Her company publishes software tools and books that help people build strong relationships at work and at home.

Meredith is an expert in leader and team communications, the author of three books, and the host of the Grow Strong Leaders Podcast. She co-authored her latest books, Connect with Your Team: Mastering the Top 10 Communication Skills, and Peer Coaching Made Simple, with her business partner, Dr. Dennis Coates. In them, Meredith and Denny provide how-to guides for improving communication skills and serving as a peer coach to someone else.

Meredith is also The Heart-centered Connector. One of her favorite ways of BEING in the world is to introduce people who can benefit from knowing each other.

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