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Living Without Urgency In A Busy World - Ipek Williamson

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Discover the heartwarming journey of Ipek Williamson, our new podcast host. In this intimate conversation with Philippe Bartu, she shares some beautiful and simple examples of how she created stronger family ties and connections by “listening with all my being”. Ipek shares poignant examples of how she went from being an impatient controlling “helicopter mum”, to being someone who is committed to slowing down and living without hurry in a busy world. Discover how her document went from “frosting on dogshit” to an empowering and intentional declaration through the process of self-forgiveness.

Ipek’s document:

About the Guest:

A beacon of change and a catalyst for transformation, Ipek Williamson is a multifaceted professional who seamlessly integrates two decades of corporate expertise with a diverse skill set as a coach, mentor, speaker, author, meditation advocate, and teacher.

With a passion for guiding individuals through the complexities of modern life, Ipek specializes in helping overwhelmed individuals harness a profound sense of peace and harmony. Her coaching methodology draws inspiration from Core Values, Mental Fitness, and Mind Mastery, allowing her clients to unearth their latent potential. She adeptly navigates them through the turbulent waters of change, enabling them to embrace transformations with unwavering confidence and boundless joy, all on their own terms.

About the Host:

Philippe Bartu is a recovering people-pleasing hotelier that became a stressed-out restaurant owner and survivor of severe burnout in 2008. This led him to become a seeker of deeper meaning and purpose in life. In doing so he had a profound spiritual realisation. He saw that every human being is always ok and perfect.

Over the last 8 years, he has led transformational international retreats and coaching programs that have helped hundreds of clients replace stress and anxiety with fun, ease, and play. He is passionate about relationships and is on a mission to create a world with less drama and more fully expressed, authentic human beings.

By reading The Ultimate Coach, Philippe deeply saw how we create our future from a place of being limited or being unlimited. Today, he helps his clients transform their relationships with their own limitations and become powerful unlimited creators.

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