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Embracing the Demolition - AnneMarie OHalloran

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In a sparkly and heartfelt dialogue with Ipek, AnneMarie OHalloran takes us on a captivating journey through her personal growth and transformation in light of everything The Ultimate Coach book and community brought to her life.

Describing the experience as truly effervescent, AnneMarie delves into her profound connection with love in all its forms. From the love, she feels for others to the love she directs toward herself, as she shares how this powerful force has shaped her life's trajectory.

Tune in to discover the extraordinary stories that AnneMarie shares with Ipek. From her ventures into stand-up comedy that took courage to her daring escapades in open-water swimming, this episode brims with an abundance of love, joy, and energy.

About the Guest:

AnneMarie OHalloran is a certified Wisdom Center Life Coach, Behavioral Therapist, and Hypnotherapist. With a genuine touch, she weaves intuitive insights into her work, using numerology and Tarot reading to guide individuals toward self-discovery and empowerment.

A relatable speaker, AnneMarie's talks are both enlightening and entertaining, connecting with her audience on topics ranging from healing and generational trauma to finding purpose and managing anxiety.

AnneMarie's upcoming book, "Turning Tragic into Magic: Finding Freedom from Generational Narcissistic Abuse," reflects her commitment to guiding others toward personal growth and self-realization.

Beyond her professional roles, AnneMarie embraces life as a wife, mother, and grandmother. She's an adventurous solo traveler and open-water alpine swimmer, embodying courage and determination.

With a service-first mentality, AnneMarie equips others with tools to heal and live confidently, offering a grounded path to self-discovery and growth. - Turning Tragic into Magic Facebook Group - Coming up soon - Coming up soon

About the Host:

A beacon of change and a catalyst for transformation, Ipek Williamson is a multifaceted professional who seamlessly integrates two decades of corporate expertise with a diverse skill set as a coach, mentor, speaker, author, meditation advocate, and teacher.

With a passion for guiding individuals through the complexities of modern life, Ipek specializes in helping overwhelmed individuals harness a profound sense of peace and harmony. Her coaching methodology draws inspiration from Core Values, Mental Fitness, and Mind Mastery, allowing her clients to unearth their latent potential. She adeptly navigates them through the turbulent waters of change, enabling them to embrace transformations with unwavering confidence and boundless joy, all on their own terms.

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