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Becoming a Wealth Circulator - Alok Appadurai

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Discover the profound turning point that reshaped Alok's life, propelling him from being a broke martyr entrepreneur in 2016 with maxed out credit cards who could barely put food on the table for his 4 year old son to becoming founder and CEO of a widely successful impact-driven company creating a powerful force of good in the world.

In this captivating conversation with our host, Philippe Bartu, we delve into Alok's profound realization regarding the limiting beliefs surrounding success that had held him captive within the throes of financial hardship. We'll also explore his “war against humility” and his journey of embracing being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), recognizing both himself and others as unique expressions of the divine.

About the Guest:

Alok Appadurai is the founder and CEO of Uplift Millions, a coaching and training platform that helps people move from solopreneurs to movement-making CEO’s of impact-driven companies that transform people’s lives.

He lives in Tucson, AZ with his partner, Caitlin, and his son, Sequoia. Learn more about Alok and his work at

About the Host:

Philippe Bartu is a recovering people-pleasing hotelier that became a stressed-out restaurant owner and survivor of severe burnout in 2008. This led him to become a seeker of deeper meaning and purpose in life. In doing so he had a profound spiritual realisation. He saw that every human being is always ok and perfect.

Over the last 8 years, he has led transformational international retreats and coaching programs that have helped hundreds of clients replace stress and anxiety with fun, ease, and play. He is passionate about relationships and is on a mission to create a world with less drama and more fully expressed, authentic human beings.

By reading The Ultimate Coach, Philippe deeply saw how we create our future from a place of being limited or being unlimited. Today, he helps his clients transform their relationships with their own limitations and become powerful unlimited creators.

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