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The Team Coaching Zone Podcast: Coaching | Teams | Leadership

Carissa Bub: Leadership Coach, Team Coach, C-Suite Advisor

Join Carissa Bub--Host of Season 2 of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast--and today's leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches as we explore the art and science of team coaching in communities and organizations. Discover how team coaching can accelerate team development and performance, can foster the development of leadership cultures, can drive organizational change and more. Tune in for interviews with team coaching experts. Hear stories of "hits and misses" and essential lessons learned from conducting real team coaching engagements. Discover practical tools and resources to support your internal or external team coaching practice. The podcast is for new and experienced coaches, human resources and learning and development professionals, as well as leaders and managers of teams. Enter The Team Coaching Zone today!

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  • The Team Coaching Zone Podcast: Coaching | Teams | Leadership podkast

    130: Michelle Chambers: What Creates Resilience in Teams?


    TCZ Podcast #130: Michelle Chambers: What Creates Resilience in Teams? Michelle Chambers and I met through Team Coaching International several years ago as members of Faculty. She's one of the most joyful people I know and a really savvy organisational development and team coaching expert. We caught up just before the end of 2020 to talk through her take on resilience and how she works systemically with teams to build it. Always grateful to hear your feedback, meanwhile please enjoy this episode of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast. Find Michelle at [email protected]
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    129: Alison Hodge: Mapping the Territory of Team Coaching: Part 2


    TCZ Podcast #129: Alison Hodge: Mapping the Territory of Team Coaching: Part 2 In this second part of my conversation with Dr Alison Hodge, we dive further into the territory of team coaching. I hope you find it as thrilling, fun and eye-opening as I did. Some of the points we explore are how to use or apply the map to - identify the dynamic forces at play on the team and organisation - invite nature into the conversation - navigate your terrain as a team coach during a client engagement - share the map with your client to define where to start an engagement - develop yourself and your clients' capacity to be with the emergent - allow ourselves to be with the magic of life itself - create dialogue and a unified field for the team coaching profession I would love your feedback and any other thoughts that come to mind.
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    128: Alison Hodge: Journey Into Team Coaching Supervision: Part 1


    TCZ Podcast Episode #128: Alison Hodge: Journey into Team Coaching Supervision I'm delighted to introduce Dr Alison Hodge to you listeners in this first of two episodes on team coaching supervision. Alison has been supervising Executive Coaches and OD/HR consultants for more than 21 years in Australia, South East Asia, the United States, Europe and the UK, both individually and in groups. She is a senior faculty member with the Coaching Supervision Academy responsible for curriculum and design, and published author on supervising team coaches. More recently Alison has created a map that captures the complexity of the multi facets of team coaching. She is also an accredited Executive Coach and brings a wealth of experience as a practitioner in her own right. In this conversation we explore - how to characterise team coaching supervision - what the process involves - tips for team coaches considering becoming a supervisor - the distinction between team and group dynamics - mapping the territory of team coaching In episode #129 we will journey deeper into the territory of team coaching. Find more on Dr Alison Hodge and her work: Linked In: Twitter: alisonhodgecom Website: PDF of the Mapping Team Coaching Paper: Published chapters “Guidelines for team coaching supervision” (Hodge & Clutterbuck) In Birch, Jo & Welch, Peter (Eds) (2019) Coaching Supervision: Advancing Practice, Changing Landscapes Routledge, Abingdon pp 161-175 “Supervising team coaches: working with complexity at a distance” (Hodge & Clutterbuck) In Clutterbuck, Gannon, Hayes, Iordanou, Lowe and Mackie (Eds) (2019) The Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching Routledge Abingdon pp 331-342
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    127: Linda Berlot: Coaching Across Cultures in the C-Suite


    TCZ Episode #127 | Linda Berlot | Coaching Across Cultures in the C-Suite I am delighted to share this latest Episode #127 of the Team Coaching Zone in which I interview Linda Berlot, CEO of Berlot Group in Dubai. In this episode we explore what is it like coaching C-Suite leaders as a team? What golden nuggets would you want to have as a team coach walking into this arena for the first time? Especially coaching a multicultural leadership team? Linda and her colleagues at Berlot Group provide professional and expert team coaching solutions to C-Suite leadership teams across the Middle East, and Internationally. Linda is also a CRRGlobal partner - and owner of the ACTP coach training school licensed to deliver ICF accredited ORSC Coaching core curriculum programs in the region. Other aspects of team coaching we explore are: - Coaching a leadership team as a system - Helping leaders become more Relationship Systems intelligent - Linda's litmus test for coaching with a worldview You can reach Linda Berlot here:
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    126: Joel DiGirolamo: The Story Behind the ICF Team Coaching Competencies


    TCZ Podcast #126: Joel DiGirolamo: The Story Behind The ICF Team Coaching Competencies Delighted to be joined in this episode by Joel DiGirolamo, Director of Coaching Science for the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Joel leads the organization’s efforts to develop, curate and disseminate information around the science of coaching, and most recently the publication of the Team Coaching Competencies. Joel shares what inspired this groundbreaking research and gives us insight into the extensive and rigorous process the ICF conducted to realise a framework with twenty-nine team coaching competencies. In this episode Joel shares the definition of team coaching versus other forms of team development. We also talk about why this work matters now, accreditation and next steps. For listeners who enjoy personal stories, Joel and I also share our passion for ashtanga yoga and the power it has had in advancing our practice as team coaches. More on Joel DiGirolamo Joel has more than 30 years of staff and management experience in Fortune 500 companies and is the author of two books, Leading Team Alpha and Yoga in No Time at All. He holds a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology from Kansas State University, an MBA from Xavier University, and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Purdue University. He is an Associate Editor for Consulting Psychology Journal. Contact Joel: [email protected]  ICF Team Coaching Competencies
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    125: Lucy Widdowson and Paul J Barbour: Building Top Performing Teams


    TCZ Podcast #125: Lucy Widdowson and Paul J Barbour: Building Top Performing Teams In Episode #125 of the Team Coaching Zone Podcast I'm joined by a dynamic duo team - Lucy Widdowson and Paul J Barbour, co-authors of Building Top Performing Teams A practical guide to team coaching to improve collaboration and drive organizational success (Kogan Page). Lucy is Director of Performance Edge and a board member of the UK International Coaching Federation. During her 30 year corporate career Lucy worked at board level and as an HR Director in retail and airlines and led award-winning teams. Paul combines a global client base with practitioner research in human collaboration, team coaching and conflict resolution. His interest in the psychology of teams began during a successful 20-year career as a senior leader in Kerry Group PLC, one of the world’s largest food and ingredients businesses. Both Lucy and Paul are lead tutors on Team Coaching at Henley Business School. In this episode we focus on ways of being as a Team Coach including: - a framework to explore your Being as a Team Coach - the importance of contracting as a means to unleashing creativity - tools to bring out the collective wisdom of teams - how to get beyond your own story and self-limiting mindset - discovering your signature as a Team Coach Find out more on Lucy and Paul here: Lucy Paul Find Building Top Performing Teams: A Practical Guide to Team Coaching to Improve Collaboration and Drive Organizational Success (Kogan Page, January 2021). on Amazon, Google Books and Apple Books.
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    124: Andres Roberts: What Can Nature Teach Us About Coaching Teams?


    TCZ Podcast #124: Andres Roberts: What Can Nature Teach Us About Coaching Teams? I’m very excited to be joined in this episode on The Team Coaching Zone by Andres Roberts, the founder of the Bio-Leadership Project and co-founder of Way of Nature. Andres' TEDx talk How Would Nature Change Leadership? – quickly made its way onto the global TED platform within weeks of giving the talk. Andres is on a mission to reinvent leadership to be more like nature. He believes we are at ‘sliding doors’ moment in time, in which humanity has the challenge and the opportunity to rewrite the rules of collective progress in history. He argues rather than battling with the old operating systems, making nature our guide might be the most important innovation of our times. Andres left the world of big organisations early on in his career. He has worked and learnt with elders and teachers from around the world, as well as first class partners in organisational learning and development. Andres works with institutions such as Patagonia, the World Benchmarking Alliance and the Amani Institute. In episode #124 I begin by asking Andres to share his earliest memories of being in nature. We also venture into: What inspired Andres to make leadership and nature his life's work The Bio-Leadership project as a global movement for change Three threads woven into the Bio-Leadership philosophy How some companies are applying the model to reinvent their future How it could inform Team Coaches grappling with a transformation agenda Learn more about Andres: For show notes and more information on team coaching go to:
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    123: Aileen Miziolek: Insights and Inspiration for Coaching Family Business Teams


    TCZ Episode #123: Aileen Miziolek: Insights and Inspiration for Coaching Family Business Teams According to the World Economic Forum 70% of the world’s economy is made up of family businesses and 50% of the global workforce work in those businesses. Aside from the business case, I am passionate about coaching family businesses and have been looking around for a few buddies to talk things through. I’m delighted therefore to be joined in Episode #123 of The Team Coaching Zone podcast by a real expert in the field - @Aileen Miziolek, a fellow ORSC Coach (Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching) and a consultant at The Family Business Consulting Group, Inc. who joins me from her home in Toronto, Canada. In this episode Aileen and I swap stories and talk about: - the appeal of working with families in business - the unique challenges of coaching family teams - Aileen's concept of the Learning Family - working with Founders and intergenerational dynamics - the potency of a Relationship Systems Coaching approach - insights for Team Coaches curious to explore working in this arena Our conversation begins with Aileen's personal story, which is touching and sets the tone of why this work is so important. Hopefully more Team Coaches will consider jumping into the fray. You can find more on Aileen Miziolek:
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    122: Jennifer Garvey Berger: Cultivating Leadership and Unlocking Mindtraps in Teams


    TCZ Podcast #122: Jennifer Garvey Berger: Cultivating Leadership & Unlocking Mindtraps in Teams Given the astonishing experience of 2020 – which has confirmed that we have entered a moment of radical change and alteration - how can we as team coaches find deep and intentional ways to grow ourselves and our clients in order to better thrive in complex times? In Episode #122, I’m really excited to pose this question and more to my guest Jennifer Garvey Berger – Jennifer’s ‘Growth Edge Coaching’ approach, which she describes in her book, Changing on the Job, has been developed over the last decade and underpins her work developing leaders and coaching senior teams in organisations such as Google, KPMG, Microsoft, and the New Zealand Department of Conservation. Jennifer also coaches transformational and development coaching approaches in her Growth Edge Coaching certification series, and is a highly popular speaker at leadership and coaching conferences around the world. She is the co-founder of Cultivating Leadership, the author of three acclaimed books and holds a masters and a doctorate from Harvard University. During our conversation we touch on: - an overview of the adult development theory that underpins Jennifer's work - the uniqueness of a transformational and development coaching approach to working with teams - stories of working with teams using this approach - the challenge of helping to accelerate human growth in leadership teams - meeting our own shadow and doing the work ourselves - the sense of urgency for this work - Jennifer's vision for the coaching and team coaching industry - bringing spirit back into the workplace Find out more about Jennifer: (Company Website) (Blog) (Company Website) twitter jgberger LinkedIn
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    121: Alison Cameron: What Does It Really Take To Transform Teams?


    TCZ Episode #121: Alison Cameron: What Does It Really Take To Transform Teams? In this episode Alison Cameron, an internationally acclaimed transformation strategist and I talk about what it takes to guide team leaders in enabling organisational evolution. I'm interested, how do we ourselves as team coaches, better understand what it takes to help our clients adapt their ways of working and worldview. Alison's work has taken her from the boardrooms of large, multinational corporations working with leaders in business, politics and not-for-profit sectors, to leading social transformation initiatives around the world. She is the co-founder of Adaptive Cultures, a growing global community of leaders and culture practitioners working with many of the world’s most complex and influential organisations. Adaptive Cultures diagnostic instruments and methodologies have been endorsed and implemented by a number of teams going through significant transformations. We start our conversation talking about where she lives surrounded by mountains and a verdant tropical backdrop in Australia, and her own fascinating transformation journey which started in Alison's early teens and took her to be on stage with Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lamai and other respected world leaders. It's a moving story which she has never shared before and sets the tone for our conversation. Here's what we talk about in addition to Alison's own story: Awakening and being called to a higher purpose Working with living systems as a leadership and team coach The need to do the inner work as a practitioner Developing adaptive capacity and agility in organisations How to identify the different stages of cultural evolution The critical importance of structure in nurturing potential Tips for team coaches working inside organisations You can find more on Alison and Adaptive Cultures here: * For show notes go to: Note: On the show notes page you can download the Stages of Cultural Evolution (see attached PDF) and the white paper on Adapting Organisations Through Leadership and Culture (see attached PDF)

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