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The SuperHero Lifestyle Show

Stephen Somers, Robert Rickey

Welcome to the Superhero Lifestyle Show! This show is for anybody who wants to learn how to create a TRUE Superhero Lifestyle. Inside each episode, we share tangible, proven strategies and tactics that you can use to take your life and business to the next level. Whether you want to achieve financial, location, or lifestyle freedom, tune in and we’ll show you how to remove obstacles and create a clear path to accomplishing what matters!

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    84: Entrepreneur Success Principles with Jake Randall


    Do you want to create a successful business and develop an entrepreneurial mindset? In this episode, Jake Randall shares his principles for becoming a successful Entrepreneur in both business and life.Jake's website: insider access with Cartsavvy:
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    83: Simplifying Complexity with Greg Reid


    Greg Reid is an entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. In this episode, Greg shares his wisdom and wealth hacks, including why you should “buy dirt”. Visit the website here: to work with us? Click on this link:
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    82: How to Learn Anything Faster with Scott Young


    Learning faster is one of the keys to success. So how do you consume information rapidly without forgetting and putting it into practice? What’s the secret to light-speed learning? In this episode, special guest Scott Young reveals all!Learn more here
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    81: The “Secret Sauce” to Hitting Your Goals Every Quarter with Marlo Higgins


    Time is our most valuable asset and we must spend it wisely to reach the goals we’ve set. In today’s show, special guest Marlo Higgins breaks down the real drivers to becoming a high-performer and her ‘secret sauce’ to achieving your one-year goal in 90-daysCheck out Marlo's podcast here:
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    80: Entrepreneurial DNA: Do You Have It? with Josh Tapp


    What’s the trick to beating the odds and becoming a successful business owner? Even if you’ve got the best product or service, it still comes down to possessing the right traits and skillsets as an entrepreneur. In this episode, special guest Josh Tapp shares the secrets that successful entrepreneurs use to manufacture success in their business. Check out Josh's website here:
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    79: Flow, Focus & Productivity with David Allen


    David Allen is one of the world’s best when it comes to getting things done. He’s earned the title of “personal productivity” guru, so if you want to learn how to not only get more things done, but ensure you get the RIGHT things done, this episode is for you!Check out David's website here:
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    78: Finding Your Calling with Dan Cumberland


    We’re all on a mission to find our calling because we ALL want to experience more happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Today on the show, Stephen and special guest Dan Cumberland chat about getting out of your own way and how to find your life’s calling! Get ready to learn how to find and combine your purpose, entrepreneurship, and making money. Check out his course here: Check out the podcast:
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    77: The Lord of Your Land with Casanova Brooks


    Casanova is an award-winning author, high-energy keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the DreamNation Podcast. In this episode, you’re going to learn how to overcome adversity, develop a bulletproof mindset, and how to create frameworks to leap over life’s challenges and ultimately succeed in business and life.Visit the website here:
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    76: Make Money Work For You with Lisa Johnson


    Passive income has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to make money. It’s when money is automatically generated and regularly flows into your bank account without the need for considerable effort to create it. In today’s podcast, I chat to the “passive income queen” herself, Lisa Johnson all about passive income and how YOU can start making some asap!Facebook Group:[]Instagram:@lisajohnsonstrategist
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    75: How to Connect With The Super Successful | Steve Sims


    If you can judge a person’s success by who they have on speed dial, Steve Sims has a ton of it. Over the past decade, he’s become the Wizard Of Oz to the world’s wealthiest, including Elon Musk and The Pope. In our latest episode, Steve shares his secrets to making things happen and what separates him from the rest.Check out Steve's website:

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