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The Small Church Ministry Podcast

Laurie Acker

The only podcast for volunteers in small churches and those who lead them, this show is about embracing small church ministry for what it should be - a unique place where God is already at work. Founder of Small Church Ministry, Laurie Acker, shares why large church strategies don’t work in small churches and how to get moving on what does. Each episode dives into creative solutions to small church struggles with a mix of inspiration, leadership skills, and actionable next steps to make an impact. Here’s to healthy small church ministry where you have all the volunteers you need to do exactly what God has in mind! Small church ministry isn’t less - but it is different. Small Church Ministry, the World's #1 Resource for Small Churches, includes a top-rated website, a Facebook community spanning 6 continents, free quarterly online conferences, and a small church ministry certification program.

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