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Podcast Finale: Navigating the US Food System with Mel Weinstein: How to Make Healthy Choices Amidst Ultra-Processed Temptations

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"We have the freedom to choose what we eat."

Mel Weinstein, joins me today to dissect the truth behind ultra-processed foods. His expertise, captured in his written work and podcast, aims to demystify the additives that shape America's fast-food empire and our grocery store shelves.

Have you ever wondered what goes into your favorite packaged snacks that make them so irresistible? We examine why these concoctions captivate our taste buds and how they're engineered to do so, often at the cost of our health. The revelation of the commercial food industry's motive to prioritize shelf stability and uniformity over nutrition underscores the urgency of making informed choices. The curtain is pulled back to reveal some shocking facts about our food system in the US.

Resources from this Episode:

"Fast Food Ingredients Revealed" Book
"Could ultra-processed foods be the new 'silent killer'?" Article
FDA Substances List

If you want to connect with Mel, visit the following:
Website: FoodLabelsRevealed.Com
Podcast: Food Labels Revealed
Facebook: Prophet of Processed Food


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