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Episode 130: Urushi Pens with Michal from Tamenuri Studio

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Michal Kulka (@tamenuri_studio) joins us from Poland to talk about Urushi fountain pens. Michal is a self-taught Urushi-lacquer artist who makes a living selling Urushi fountain pens through Instagram and his website. In this interview, we find out how Michal discovered his passion for fountain pens and why he decided to start slathering pens in magical tree juice. We also uncover some common misconceptions when it comes to urushi and maki-e pens.    If you'd like to shop for a new pen or try to get Tom fired, head over to our retail sponsor, Goldspot Pens at: Use promo code ROY to get an additional 10% off throughout the Goldspot Pens store. *Excludes Sailor, Retro 51, Montblanc, Visconti, Esterbrook, Edison Pen Co., Narwhal, and TWSBI products.* Also, be sure to put #firetom in the order comments and you might get a special Pentertainment Podcast sticker with your order. Our friends at Luxury Brands of America would like for you to know about new pens that arrived from manufacturers they distribute here in the USA. First, there's the Waldmann Tango Imagination - a 925 sterling silver pen with mesmerizing guilloche engraving and lacquered finish. The new Dark Teal style is a North American exclusive that just arrived from Germany and is available at great pen retailers (like Goldspot!). Also, you'll want to check out two lucky pens from Benu. The Talisman 4-Leaf Clover and Dream Bean are infused with their namesake material, bestowing mystical properties unto the writer. Well, we don't know if the Talisman will actually give you magical powers. But, they are pretty damn sparkly and cool-looking. I would consider myself lucky just to write with one.   Don't forget to check out for the latest and greatest in coffee from my good friend Neil. Also, be sure to use coupon code "roy" at check out to score extra savings on all products on the website! Live your best summer ever with the PenBoyRoy official YouTube channel shirt. This shirt is too awesome to take off under any circumstances. Cannonball into the deep end with it on. Go to the wave pool with it on. Rock it on vacation with your toes in the sand. It's a conversation starter that will have people noticing your excellent taste in pens rather than anything else about your appearance.

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