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Episode 120: Dipping into the Mailbag

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In this episode, we catch up with answering your burning questions about fountain pens. The first one stirs the pot regarding the TWSBI/Narwhal drama. Tom shares whether or not he lets his kids use his fanciest pens. We discuss the group mentality behind what makes a valuable "status" pen. We lament over the disappearance of the Waterman Phileas. Plus, you may learn a new trick to see how many ways you can thread a screw cap. Write to us at [email protected]


This week is a 2-for-1 sponsorship collaboration. My buddies at Luxury Brands of America and Goldspot Pens collaborated with Benu to introduce the new Talisman Shooting Star fountain pen. If you love a sparkly pen, your wish has been granted. The Shooting Star shines with shimmery blue resin mixed with floating holographic stars. The ends of the cap and barrel are made from luminous turquoise that glows in the dark after being charged in bright light. This limited edition of 300 pens is now available exclusively at Goldspot Pens. Please use my affiliate link below to help support the podcast.

As we discussed in a previous episode of the Podcast, Benu had moved from Russia to Armenia in protest of the Russian war in Ukraine. As the Shooting Star is the first special edition pen to ship from Armenia, LBA and Goldspot will donate 10% of the proceeds toward the International Rescue Committee ( The IRC is sending vital supplies to over 5 million displaced Ukrainians.


Quick shout out to HeyJoo on Instagram, who we mentioned in this week's episode -

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