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Episode 119: No Ragrets

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This week's episode is like a high school reunion of pens you've forgotten for decades. Do you have a deeper appreciation for pens you have stashed away? Or do you let them go like the Odd Oink? Do you regret letting any pens go? Are there ones that got away? Let us know at [email protected] and, I swear, we'll dip into that mail sack on next week's episode.   If you'd like to shop for a new pen or try to get Tom fired, head over to our retail sponsor, Goldspot Pens at Use promo code ROY to get an additional 10% off throughout the Goldspot Pens store. *Excludes Sailor, Retro 51, Montblanc, Visconti, Esterbrook, Edison Pen Co., Narwhal, and TWSBI products.* Also, be sure to put #firetom in the order comments and you might get a special Pentertainment Podcast sticker with your order.   From our friends at Luxury Brands USA, distributors of the Platinum, Japan - we know that everyone is looking for luxury-level fountain pens for less. The Platinum Procyon Luster is one you should take a closer look at. It has a matte aluminum body with chrome trims and Platinum's patented Slip 'n Seal cap mechanism to keep the steel nib fresh with ink. It can also sip shallow pools of ink thanks to its unique ink feed design. The Procyon is a substantial pen without the premium price.   Lastly, don't forget to check out some awesome coffee at   and use coupon code "roy" at check out to save money on some of the finest bean known to man!   The summer heat is coming soon. Get your beach bod ready with the PenBoyRoy official YouTube channel shirt. This shirt is too awesome to take off under any circumstances. Cannonball into the deep end with it on. Go to the wave pool with it on. Rock it on vacation with your toes in the sand. It's a conversation starter that will have people noticing your excellent taste in pens rather than anything else about your appearance.

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