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seaon 13, ep 7

SIX subway thugs - TWO adults, FOUR minors, two of them being female minors - were arrested in the robbery and attempted robbery of a 39-yr-old man and a 40-yr-old woman on the 1 train, near 34th. 

They got the man's wallet and phone, but he managed to hold onto his shoes, though his attackers brandished a switchblade and a kitchen knife. 

A creep - dressed in ultra-orthodox Jewish clothing and regalia - grabbed a woman's tit in a basement and tried to take her pants off. With his red hair and beard, he looks like Jewie CK. 

A NJ man kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 12-yr-old girl who was walking home from the movies. 

A Chinese tycoon must remain in jail, because if he makes bail, he's probably GONE (they figure).

Joining as usual, noted cartoonist and voice of radio, Doug Nelson.

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