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Nomic: Truly open AI

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We are so excited today to be joined by Brandon Duderstadt, CEO + Cofounder, and Zach Nussbaum, Machine Learning Engineer, from Nomic AI. They discuss how Nomic AI is building tools like Atlas + GPT4all that enable everyone to interact with AI scale datasets and run models on consumer computers - and - stay tuned for an exciting announcement about their newest product release later in the podcast.

Thanks for joining us for the first episode of Season 2 of the MAD Podcast. We will be back to our regular weekly schedule with new conversations with leaders in the Machine Learning, AI and data landscape. If you like this show, you can find the video recording of this episode -- along with many, many more -- on the Data Driven NYC channel on YouTube.



Matt Turck (Managing Director)

Data Driven NYC YouTube Channel

FirstMark Capital Eventbrite

0:46 - What is Nomic AI & how it got started

5:57 - Building GPT4ALL

7:23 - Running LLMs on a personal computer

16:00 - Nomic Atlas

21:33 - Launching Nomic Embed

28:10 The Importance of Data in AI

31:10 - Benchmarking LLMs

32:56 - The Future of Nomic AI

36: 22 - Building an AI Startup in New York

39:10 - Nomic AI is hiring

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