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Is the Modern Data Stack Dead? with dbt Labs CEO Tristan Handy

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In this episode, we explore the dynamic world of modern analytics with Tristan Handy, CEO of dbt Labs ( DBT, which helps more than 30,000 enterprises ship trusted data products faster, has raised more than $400 million dollars, most recently at a $4B valuation.

We discuss how dbt has revolutionized analytics engineering, enabling seamless data transformation and orchestration in the cloud. This innovation fosters greater collaboration among data teams and integrates software engineering principles into data analytics workflows.

We also talk about dbt's Semantic Layer, a game-changer that streamlines data operations by standardizing key business metrics for consistent use across various analytical tools.

In this conversation, we tackle pressing questions about the current state and future of data management and analytics. Is the "modern data stack" becoming obsolete? What's next for data engineering? And how is AI reshaping the analytics landscape?

Tune in to discover our insights.

📰 Is the "Modern Data Stack" Still a Useful Idea?


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Is the "Modern Data Stack" Still a Useful Idea? -




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00:00 - Intro

02:43 - What is the Modern Data Stack?

05:57 - Is the Modern Data Stack dead?

12:23 - What's the alternative?

16:24 - Where is analytics engineering heading?

20:02 - The Reverse ETL market

23:21 - The role of AI in analytics engineering

27:47 - Will analytics engineers become the prompt engineers?

29:78 - Is the MDS part of the emerging generative AI stack?

33:51 - The Semantic Layer

37:49 - dbt's plans for the near future

41:17 - Hiring at different stages of the business

44:21 - Going from open-source to commercial

46:40 - Market situation vs. sales strategy

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