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Glean AI: The ML-Powered Accounting Solution with CEO Howard Katzenberg

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Today, we’re joined by Howard Katzenberg, CEO of Glean AI, a machine learning powered accounts payable platform. Matt + Howard discuss Glean’s founding story, how Glean helps CFOs make insight driven choices, and more.

This session was recorded live at a recent Data Driven NYC, our in-person, monthly event series. If you are ever in New York, you can find us on Eventbrite by searching for "FirstMark Capital". Events run monthly and are free and open to everyone. And as always, if you enjoy the MAD podcast, please subscribe and leave us a comment.

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[00:00:35] Howard's background;

[00:01:15] Challenges with manual FP&A;

[00:02:54] Approval Process gap realization and opportunity for Glean AI;

[00:04:40] How Glean AI is like “ with a brain”;

[00:05:06] Enhanced functionalities beyond basic AP automation;

[00:06:32] Glean AI’s Inception and AI Models;

[00:07:54] Why Glean AI is unique;

[00:08:25] The evolution of Glean AI’s ML stack;

[00:10:44] Defensibility and how Glean AI offers vendor pricing insights to its network;

[00:12:23] Success stories and customer value;

[00:14:47] Future plans for Glean AI;

[00:16:39] Navigating industry and technical expertise;

[00:18:41] Audience Q&A

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