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Can I be a great business owner AND an amazing mother? Can I do work that lights me up, works flexibly around my family AND pays me really well? Can I have it all? Cori Javid brings you The Limitless Mother Podcast where each week she’ll be arming you with the strategy, mindset and dash of woo you need to become successful because you are a mother, not in spite of it. Cori is a Success Coach, Business Mentor, mother and tea drinker who supports her clients in creating and growing Flexible, Fulfilling and Profitable businesses (her signature framework). Her genius is in helping mothers with online businesses remove the limits to create and attract more ideal clients, more time freedom and more money. Cori replaced her corporate salary within 3 months of launching, doubled it within 7 and hit her first 5-figure month in just 11 months all while working 25 hours a week, often less. Having nailed the business + motherhood balance herself, she is now hugely passionate about educating, inspiring and empowering her loyal community to create their very own vision of success. Cori believes you CAN have it all and wants to show you how.

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    EP 215: Your Path to Abundance // Your Most Abundant Year Yet Part 4


    Woohoo we are talking about YOUR path to abundance today my love.  Not someone else’s path.  Not some pie-in-the-sky-might-be-nice-if-it-were-possible path.  But YOUR path to actually creating, receiving and enjoying the abundance that you truly desire. On today’s show I’m talking about how to create your path, how to know what it is, how to know what it is not (so you can avoid those pitfalls) and I’m giving you some super practical homework to not just create your path but start dancing along it. Because around here, we don’t struggle along a path to abundance, we don’t effort or trudge along the path.  Oh no.  We’re here for joy, pleasure, giggles and frivolity AS we create and receive our abundance. Around here we dance the path. Let’s make it happen my love, let’s make 2022 your most abundant year yet! Catch the show notes here: Ready to make 2022 your most abundant year yet? If you’re ready for consistent 5k or 10k months (or more!) get yourself on the email waitlist for Elevated Abundance MasterMind and you could be joining me and your new group of biz besties this year I have created a FREE brand new training just for you - 3 Secret Strategies to Make More Money as a Mother []
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    EP 214: The 3 Things Your Biz Needs to Succeed // Your Most Abundant Year Yet Part 3


    Um, your business called… it said it needs three things from you if you want it to be successful this year. We are BACK with part three of Your Most Abundant Year Yet and I’m not stopping until you’ve got everything you need to have a truly incredible 2022. Today we’re getting SUPER practical and I’m sharing with you the 3 things YOUR business needs to succeed this year.  Regardless of where your business is at and what success looks like to you, you’re gonna need these three things.  So grab a pen and get ready to take notes. I think there is far too much mystery surrounding what is REALLY required to grow a successful business and waaay too much noise in the online space.  My plan today is to remove any mystery around success, cut through the noise and break it down to these three practical things that you can get into place for your business to make success inevitable. You’re going to LOVE the feeling of clarity that’s on the other side of knowing precisely what these three things are.   You’re welcome in advance ;) Catch the show notes here:   If you need some support in healing your relationship with money and upgrading your beliefs you need: Limitless Money [] I have created a FREE brand new training just for you 🙂 3 Secret Strategies to Make More Money as a Mother [] Looking for a supportive group of like-minded mammas in biz that normalise success and abundance? You need to get on the waitlist for the Elevated Abundance Mastermind []
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    EP 213: Achieving the Impossible (+ How I Did It) // Your Most Abundant Year Yet Part 2


    “You can achieve the impossible!”.  I get it.  That can sound kind of cheesy.  Could be easy to give a little eye roll to that phrase, right? Because when we think of “the impossible” we can think of things like, I dunno space travel or climbing Everest or something.   But what I’m talking about on today’s episode is the sneaky way we can subconsciously label our dreams as “impossible” and cut ourselves off from the joy of embracing our desires and seeing them manifest. I know a thing or two about achieving the impossible.  I did it.  I changed my ENTIRE life.  It gives me goosebumps to look back on where I was, how I felt and how my life is now.   I want that for you too, my love.  Whatever it is you REALLY desire (you know, that thing or version of your life that you really want but often don’t even admit to yourself because it seems too, well, impossible?)... I want that to be your REALITY. I want you to understand just how very possible the impossible can be. So bring them, bring all your reasons why you feel you can’t do that thing, have that thing etc… let’s knock them down in one fell swoop and open you up to achieving the impossible. But not only achieving the impossible… but achieving it in a way that feels easeful, aligned and light.  Because that’s how we roll.   Catch the show notes here:   Mentioned on the show... Need some guidance elevating your energy? Check out this free resource: Scale of Energy masterclass [EP129: The Limitless Mother Scale of Energy Masterclass - Cori Javid] If you need some support in healing your relationship with money and upgrading your beliefs you need: Limitless Money [] I have created a FREE brand new training just for you 🙂 3 Secret Strategies to Make More Money as a Mother []
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    EP 212B: The Most Transformational Shift You Can Make // Your Most Abundant Year Yet Part 1


    Happy new year, happy new ABUNDANCE coming your way my love.  Oh me oh my I am EXCITED to kick off this four-part series on making 2022 Your Most Abundant Year Yet. Today we’re just getting stuck right in from the get-go.  I’m bringing a little bit of fire, as your business bestie that’s my job sometimes, right?  We’re going to be getting all the way real about what is the single most transformational shift you can make… if you TRULY want 2022 to be different.  And by different, I mean more abundant.  And by more abundant, I mean more of that cash flowing into your bank account, your business, your life. Yes.  2022 CAN be the year your finances uplevel drastically, my love.  But you’re gonna have to start with this one shift.  Do not pass Go! until you’ve made this shift! Catch the show notes here: Grab my FREE training: Three Secret Strategies to Make More Money as a Mother:
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    EP 212A: PSA: We Can’t Start 2022 Until We’ve Talked About THIS Elephant in the Room


    We are interrupting your scheduled broadcast with this important announcement. Happy New Year my love!  We’re gonna get to the good stuff, I have 4 elevated AF episodes coming at you this month. But we cannot - I repeat: cannot - start 2022 until we’ve talked about THIS elephant in the room.   Catch the show notes here: Get my free training: Three Secret Strategies to Make More Money as a Mother
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    EP 211: The Shift // From Money Panic to Best Cash Month Yet (How She Did It)


    Ooh YAY I have a TREAT for you today.  Today’s episode is a new installment of The Shift Behind the Win in which I share one of my clients’ recent wins and we take a close look at what REALLY was required to make that happen so that you can go and apply the same shift to your mindset and experience similar wins yourself. And WHEW this client story is a good one.  We’re going to hear from this client in her own words and I’ll share with you exactly how much money she made last month but in a nutshell she went from feeling panicked and stressed about money to celebrating her biggest cash month so far in business.  So good! Are you ready to hear the truth about what it takes to make this kind of shift a reality? I know you ladies love these case study style episodes where we hear from my clients directly, so let’s do this, let’s go to the show.   Catch the show notes here: If you’re ready for that sea change in your thinking, you’re ready to unearth and throw away all those old money stories and negative beliefs that have been lurking in the shadows, secretly sabotaging things, enrol in Limitless Money.  Do it as a Christmas present to yourself.
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    EP 210: How to Deal with Your Spouse's Money Mindset


    So you started working on your money mindset, maybe you’re starting to feel more in tune with abundance… BUT!  It’s becoming increasingly obvious that your partner’s money mindset sucks. What’s a woman to do? So I thought it’s about time we brought this conversation to the show. If you feel like you’ve been battling your other half’s money mindset, if it’s been dragging you down or making it challenging to live your best most limitless life, help is at HAND my love. I got you.   Catch the show notes here: Get on the waitlist for the next round of the Elevated Abundance Mastermind. There will only be 2 spaces opening in Spring 2022. The waitlist is the place to be. Need help with your money mindset? Join Limitless Money today:
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    EP 209: How I Plan My Year: BTS of My 2022 Planning


    Grab your pen and paper my love.  We are planning 2022!  I am taking you behind the scenes of EXACTLY how I plan my year to make my dreams, goals and desires a reality… so that you can too. And warning: I don’t plan like other business coaches out there.  Nope.  Where I tell you to start is highly unconventional (but should be the norm if you ask me!). Let’s get to it, let’s plan you a magical 2022!   Catch the show notes here:   If in thinking about your year ahead the support you most need is in being able to believe that you can even have what you desire, believing that abundance is available to you too and you know how to create and receive it.  If the support you need is understanding how money really works at an energetic level and healing your relationship with money so that you can receive more using your energy, not effort… then you need Limitless Money []
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    EP 208: How to Feel Good About Doing Nothing (Or Taking Time Off)


    How did we get so damn busy, hmm?  Even when we’re not doing something, we’re thinking about what we should be doing or we’re consuming content… or both. Today I want to open up a conversation I end up having with pretty much all of the women I work with about doing less (sometimes nothing!) and taking time off and why it can feel so damn stretchy at first. Because let me ask you something: when was the last time you took some time to do nothing… like sweet FA or in the words of Mickey Flannegan “old school nuthin’”?  When was the last time you took a break from your business?  I mean a PROPER break for many consecutive days and without feeling guilty or juuuust popping in to check my emails because I’ll feel better if there aren’t loads waiting for me when I get back etc? If you’re finding it hard to take things slow, to take proper time off and occasionally do nothing, we need to talk and this episode is for you.   Catch the show notes here: Join Limitless Money today:
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    EP 207: This is 40: Reigniting the Magic


    Do you feel like you’re missing something but can’t quite put your finger on what it is?  That’s how I felt recently.  I had done the work to reconnect to my compelling why, so I had the vision locked in, was feeling excited to be working towards that.   But still, something was missing. Something that I felt prior to all this pandemic nonsense… Last week in the shower I worked out what it is: I had lost touch with the magic.   (And if you don’t know exactly what magic I’m referring to, fear not we’ll talk about that) I may be turning 40 (have I mentioned that?!) but I for one am not done with experiencing the magic. And having spoken to several women feeling the same, I knew that as your self appointed business bestie I had to bring the conversation to you. If you’ve been feeling like something’s missing, if you feel like that spark fizzled out somewhere along the way, this episode is for you. And if you’re ready to live your life riding the wave of multiple magical manifestations being your day to day norm… you’re going to love today’s episode extra. Get ready for rainbows and unicorns -  Let’s reignite the magic, my love. Catch the show notes here: Join Limitless Money today:

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