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The ISL Podcast

Angelina Piechowska

The International School of Life- We will help you to flourish abroad!

“We believe that in the 21st century business is about people and relationships. To be successful we need a good network, especially when living abroad. We therefore have decided to create the International School of Life Member Club. This will run every Thursday giving you access to exclusive sessions and opportunities, as well as the ability to collaborate and network with its members. The Club will be a place where people will share a common purpose to help each other to grow”.
Angelina Piechowska & Bonny Martin Co-founders of The International School of Life

The ISL Member Club is an online international meeting platform dedicated to those (men and women) living abroad and who want to make money doing something they love. It is about networking from the comfort of your own home.
The ISL Member Club is not a platform for coaching or lectures where experts tell you how to manage your life. It is about encouraging its members to talk about themselves and what they do whilst also listening to others.

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