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Urban gardens and food independence with Pedro Rocha

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In today's episode, I have the pleasure of speaking to Pedro Rocha about Urban gardens and food independence . Being in touch with our food supply has never been more important and, of course, learning where food comes from in the first place is absolutely paramount! 

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About Pedro 

Pedro is a Portuguese sustainability and regenerative agriculture expert from Porto. He studied Environmental Science and Pollution  at the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom, in 2000, way ahead of what is now a trending sector. 

Whilst studying, he spent 6 months in Poland, working on his final project for his course, at the Department of Environmental Protection at Politechnika Wroclawska.

In the same year, he began working at the German consultancy Hydroplan GmbH, having participated in a rural development project in Cape Verde. 

In 2003 he returned to Portugal with the purpose of creating a movement in regenerative agriculture in his home country.

In 2005 he started the Raízes organic farming project, after 9 of planning and strategising its inception. The project encompassed a vegetable production project on 2 hectares of land, as well as to the development of the AMAP concept as a new form of relationship between producer and consumers.

 Since 2014, he has  dedicated his time to providing services as a farmer and consultant to companies, schools, associations,  individuals , social, ecological and sustainable projects such as:  NooCity, Moving Cause, Pedro Lemos, Cantinho das Aromáticas and NY Sliders. Pedro continues to hare his knowledge and love for the earth, as he helps both people and governmental agencies create awareness around the need for local, grass root , circular food independence. 


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