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"The Illusion called disease" with Dr Robert Morse

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In today's episode I have a super special returning  guest, Dr Robert Morse N.D. who is truly an amazing human and healer. As we dive into the illusion called disease we discuss what is really going on in our bodies when we get ill. Dr Morse has Video books coming out in the spring and summer on these topics exactly 

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About DR Robert Morse N.D.

Dr. Morse, a licensed naturopathic physician, biochemist, iridologist and a great herbalist, has a naturopathic practice and is the founder of the International School of Detoxification in the USA. For the past 50 years, Dr. Morse has developed a cell regenerating detoxification program that is suitable for anyone who wants to have a healthy and vital body.

Due to the fact that people have systematically consumed the wrong food for years, the condition of our human cells has reached a dramatic low point. All our organs and glands, which are in constant cooperation with our lymph system (our waste system) and have a life-supporting function, have never been so low in their vitality, with all kinds of complaints as a result. The kidneys and adrenal glands play the central role in the deacidification of our body and all forms of inflammation. Acidification is caused, among other things, by wrong lifestyle habits and hereditary degeneration. In recent decades, people have been focused on “diseases” and “combating complaints”, so that we have completely forgotten how we can help ourselves in a natural way. Our health is a direct result of what we drink, eat, breathe in and what we put on our skin. By detoxifying your body you can regain the vitality and balance of your body.

No matter what your age, health is one of your greatest assets while you're living your journey on this planet. For generations, man has been ignorant of his/her body's proper nutritional needs. It is not difficult to understand the proper foods man should be consuming, which is simply reflected in the physiological design of the human species. Once called omnivores by many, humans are actually frugivores. Man's diet should be predominantly fruits and vegetables, instead of dead animals, their milks, and dormant foods (grains & beans).

Understanding this and what one must do to reverse this is vital in the preservation of our species and one's experience of True Health. There is so much misinformation, mainly because of big business, that man is confused and frustrated.

Dr Morse's clinic has been dedicated to truth and using Regenerative Detoxification to assist humans and animals back to health for over 40 years now. Health becomes very simple when you understand how one loses it. Dr Morse has spent decades assisting thousands in restoring and regenerating the tissues of their physical bodies as well as connecting them with God again.

True happiness is a combination of physical, emotional and mental balance with a broader understanding of who you, as an individual, really are. 

Please note that Dr. Morse is no longer seeing clients so he may focus on research, writing, and educating. Our other counselors were carefully chosen and trained by Dr. Morse for their knowledge, experience, passion and dedication to helping the suffering find true health. You can however, ask questions to Dr Morse on his amazing TV channel and he will reply in video format 


Dr Morse' school of healing has amazing resources and great courses too: 

Healing herbs by Dr Morse  

Follow Dr Morse on Instagram 



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