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Shaping your body and health on plants with Maxime Sigouin

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In this episode, I speak to Plant Based Vegan Body Coach Maxime Sigouin and his amazing growing wellness venture: Fit Vegan Coaching. Maxime shares the success, the mission and long term vision of a journey that started because of a personal challenge. 


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About Maxime 

He Had his Own Struggle With Food, Self-Confidence And Being Fat!

There was a point where Maxime weighed 240 lbs! He wasn't happy with where his body was at. One day he was driving and he hit a speed bump and it made his "Moobs" at the time and stomach jiggle for too long. That was it!!!  He decided that he wasn't going to be a chunky man with breast! He wanted to be fit, healthy and take control of his life so that he could perform at the best of his ability,  which he did! 

Since then he competed in several Ironman 70.3, triathlon, spartan races and  built multiple successful companies. All on a 100% Plant-Based Lifestyle. Moreover, he was inspired by his personal story, which he shares here on the Green Life with us. 


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