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Let's Eat Plants with Maddie

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For today's episode I am speaking to the QUEEN of meal prep and the most wonderful person you will ever meet! Maddie is the creator of Let's Eat Plants, an inspiring Channel that helps people eat more plants and particularly prepping meals so that the whole approach is super EASY!!!! What I loved about Maddie was her candid sharing about getting healthier and fitter and creating a system that could help her achieve her goals! 

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About Maddie 

Maddie is the founder of Let's Eat Plants! 

Let's Eat Plants encourages anyone who is newly vegan, plant based or curious to learn more about this lifestyle! Maddie herself shares how she is learning new vegan recipes and new ways to cook everyday, and she wants to share those recipes with everyone! 

She may not be an expert chef, but she is learning right along with her audience and not shy to trying new things. She thrives to inspire others through her own trials  to make more plant based recipes. Her motto is :"Let's learn more about vegan eating together!" 

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Enrol in her wonderful courses to learn HOW to make food that will keep you inspired, situated and successful in your journey! By signing up to her Newsletter, you will Get a 3 day free meal plan. 

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