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From Caterpillar to Butterfly with Self-Worth Coach Sophie Dear

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In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing a good friend, Sophie Dear, who truly shows that inner work can have the most amazing outer effects and how to change our lives in the process. 

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About Sophie

In 2015 Sophie was signed off work due to insomnia and anxiety. She was incredibly stressed both physically & mentally and as a result she suffered from numerous health problems. She trained as a yoga teacher & began to heal herself through meditation & movement. However she soon burnt out for a second time 2 years into her teaching journey. Becoming a yoga teacher hadn’t magically transformed her - she realised that she needed to do the deeper work!

A sudden separation & divorce hit her out of the blue so she decided to move to Bali. She realised that she wanted & needed to work on herself on a deeper level.

She looked at codependency, boundaries, people pleasing. She looked at her relationships with partners, family, friends.. and  started to understand why she had been suffering with anxiety & insomnia for so long & realised that it was completely up to her to change her mindset & beliefs. 

She was shocked at why she hadn’t been taught any of this at school!  As dramatic as it sounds, it really was a complete rebirth that has completely set her free.  Through various mentors, courses & self-study she raised her self-worth & has stepped into her full potential and now helps people do the same! 

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