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Exploring the relationship between gut health and weight loss with Louise Digby

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in today's episode we explore the relationship between a healthy gut microbiome and weight loss with nutritional therapist Louise Digby , helping women navigate ways to improve their gut health in a sustainable way  

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About Louise 

Louise is a registered nutritional therapist and, with her team, she helps women to reignite their spark and get back to enjoying life to the full! She helps them to get their dream body, supercharge their energy and overcome frustrating symptoms like bloating, bowel problems, skin complaints and much more. When Louise first began practising nutrition, she struggled to help her clients achieve significant weight loss; they were doing all the 'right' things but just weren’t seeing results. She now know that there is SO much more to weight management than simply eating less and exercising more.

There are SO many factors that can get in our way: hormones, blood sugars, gut bacteria, toxic load and inflammation are the key areas of imbalance that can impact metabolism. Add to this poor willpower and pesky cravings and it becomes clear why weight loss can be such a challenge. That’s why she created The Nourish Method to Lasting Fat Loss; a 6 month, online programme that provides women with the personalised strategy, the accountability and the support needed.

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