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Breaking through the fear of cervical screenings with Dr Ben Snowden

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In this episode of The Green Life, we dive into the importance of smear tests and cervical screenings, and the barriers that women commonly find, when it is time to go for their checks. The anxiety, pressure and vulnerability  we  sometimes feel can prevent us from going to our appointments at all, resulting in health issues that would have  been otherwise preventable, such as Cervical Cancer. To discuss this matter, I have NHS OBGYN ,Doctor Ben Snowden, who is also the co-funder of HapiLegs the only surgical trousers designed to facilitate cervical screenings and similar procedures, to give women the control and power back during gynaecological examinations. 

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About De Ben Snowden 

Dr Benjamin J Snowden BSc (Hons) MBBS MRCOG is a practicing Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in the UK. His specialist interests include laparoscopic surgery, intrapartum care and medical education, whilst embodying a healthcare approach that unifies a staff-patient partnership. 
Ben is a proud husband, and father to an 8 year old daughter. When he isn’t working, he is an enthusiastic chorister and occasional road cyclist.
Alongside his work as a consultant, Ben is a medical director for Equalita Healthcare; a female-led, British startup responsible for the introduction of innovative gynaecological trousers (known as Hapilegs) into UK healthcare. Designed by a former gynae patient, HapiLegs promote control and dignity for women and people with cervixes and have been championed as a revolutionary step in FemTech. Procedures appropriate for HapiLegs use include cervical screening, colposcopy, coil insertion, sexual health screening and other outpatient procedures. 
HapiLegs will shortly be going into larger clinical trials to find the evidence that they improve patient attendance at cervical screening and also improve patient satisfaction and comfort during the procedure. 

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