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The Journal readers, editors and journalists get together to go deep into 15 major topics impacting the future of Ireland. Over the last 18 months we created a space for discussion, learning and sharing new ideas and solutions called The Good Information Project.

This podcast gives you a 20 minutes synopsis of the main findings on each topic from direct conversations with Irish citizens and specialists about critical issues facing our country.

We will be releasing 15 episodes and you can access further information below or by contacting us to [email protected]

The topics are:

  1. Our Shared Island: What would a united Ireland look like?
  2. The Future Of Work: What should the working week look like after Covid?
  3. China: How does Ireland relate to the last world superpower?
  4. Housing: How to fix Ireland's housing crisis?
  5. Public Transport: What is and isn't working with Ireland's public transport?
  6. Space: Where do Ireland and the EU fit into the current space race?
  7. Migration: What responsibilities, opportunities and problems do the EU and Ireland face with migration?
  8. Climate change and COP26: An in-depth look at the climate crisis.
  9. Ireland, the EU and the UK's relationship post-Brexit: What will the relationship look like in this post-Brexit world?
  10. Gender Equality: Do women have a seat at the table in key areas?
  11. The New Digital Age: Are Ireland and the EU ready for this new digital age?
  12. The Irish language: An Ghaeilge: Revival or survival?
  13. Misinformation: Are we winning the fight against misinformation?
  14. Healthcare: Can Ireland's health system be fixed, or is it beyond repair?
  15. Ireland and the EU: What is Europe doing for you?

This work is co-funded by Journal Media and a grant programme from the European Parliament.The European Parliament has no involvement in nor responsibility for the editorial content published by the project. For more information, see here.

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