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The Feminine Flow

Stina Faye

This is the space for awakening entrepreneurs to get inspired, in-tune with their intuition, and to embody a soulful approach to their lifestyle, business, and brand. Get ready to flow!

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    Ep 26. Embracing Venus Energy with Venus Guides


    In this episode of The Feminine Flow, we go down the rabbit hole about all things Venus with the creator of Venus Guides, Jordan Andrade, as our co-host! Have your astro natal chart handy for this episode to explore your Venus energy with us. You'll especially resonate with this episode if you... ✨Feel inspired to invite more feminine energy into your lifestyle ✨Are curious about Venus energy and how it affects you astrologically ✨Want to know what Venus Day is and how you can celebrate it every week ✨Are seeking inspiration on how to treat yo'self this Venus season ✨ Would like to find out how your Venus placement can inspire your brand's aesthetic ✨ Love crystals and wouldn't mind draping yourself in them every day You can find Jordan and her beautiful Venusian creations here: Website: Instagram: You can take your awareness of how the planetary energies can inspire your ability to flow on a daily basis in the Conscious Creatrix journey here:
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    Ep 25. Product Creation As A Ritual With LaToya Roux


    Enjoy a candid conversation with the mystic, ritualist, and creator behind Sovereign Soul Medicine, LaToya Roux. You'll resonate with this episode if you: Are a soul-led product creator or feeling the pull to become one. Are curious about rituals and how you can infuse them into your creative flow. Want to create a beautiful unboxing experience & first impression for your products. Think conversations between air signs are absolutely fascinating (lol) Connect with LaToya here: Join us in The Creatrix Collective here:
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    Ep 24. Cannabis As A Creative Ritual


    Go down the rabbit hole with me in this episode as I share my personal experiences & perspectives of how cannabis can be journeyed with in a creative, intentional way. You'll resonate with this episode if you: Are curious and/or called towards working with cannabis in your creative flow. Realize you have an up & down relationship with the plant and explore ways to evolve that. Are wondering if cannabis could be empowering OR threatening your evolution as a human being.  Are looking for actionable tips & inspo to experience your own creative rituals with cannabis. You can find my cannabis creativity course, Highly Conscious, here: You can join my monthly creative ritual membership here:
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    Ep 23. So You've Hodge Podged Your Brand Together, Now What?


    The definition of "hodge podge" is a "confusing mixture". Sound like something you've been doing when it comes to branding your business? You're not alone. If you’re in a season where you’re ready to show up and share your mission through your soulful business in a big way this year, this is the episode for you. You’ll especially resonate with this episode if you: Are a soulful entrepreneur with an online presence for your business Feel like you’ve been throwing spaghetti at the wall and hodge podging your brand together for long enough and are ready to get more intentional about it. Want to do a check-in to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing efforts, but don’t know where to start. Are deliberating between where you should DIY or hire out when it comes to branding. Curious if there's any way you can work with what you have rather than starting over. For more information on Beautifully Branded, visit here:
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    Ep 22. Multipassionate Mastery


    Consider this an exploration into the realms of possibilities as a multipassionate, conscious entrepreneur. In this episode, you'll hear a bit into my story + epiphanies of allowing myself to be multipassionate inside of my business along with words of encouragement from multipassionate creators who are embodied in their multidimensionality and expressing it beautifully with the experience of their businesses. Love this episode? Share + tag me on Instagram @bystinafaye to let me know and perhaps this could become a multiple part series! You can connect with voices heard in this episode below: Zalyssa: LaToya: Dany: If you are called to join The Creatrix Collective, you can find it here: Sending you love. xoxo Stina Faye
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    Ep 21. How To Be Fully Self-Expressed With Plants As Your Teachers


    Down for another thought journey? In this episode, we'll venture into the portals of self-expression with the plants as our evolutionary guides. Tune in to find out why self-awareness & expression is IMPERATIVE in your business and your awakening, how nature can teach you the art of surrender in a way that finally sticks, and what it could look & feel like if you took notes from the plants in your own journey to becoming fully self-expressed. Called to The Creatrix Collective? You can join us here! Sending love, xo Stina Faye
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    Ep 20. I Unfollowed EVERYONE & This Is What Happened...


    Ever felt like hitting the reset button on your social media following just to see what would happen? If you're wondering now, take a quick trip with me into the lens of experience I had just from unfollowing EVERYONE on Instagram. Listen to find out what led me to do this, what shifted, and a few questions to ask yourself about what social media sovereignty could feel like for you too.
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    Ep 19. Leaving Your Comfort Zone for Your Next Level


    I'm baaaaaack! It's never been a better time to evolve, embrace, and honor you — has it? In this episode, we reflect on the questions you need to ask as you leave your comfort zone for your next level. Called to The Creatrix Collective? Join here:
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    Ep 18. Honoring Your Shadow with Zalyssa Prather


    In this episode, we have a candid chat with Spiritual Healer & Guide Zalyssa Prather all about how you can honor the shadow side of your healing journey as much as the light. We flow from topics like how motherhood inspired her spiritual awakening, new ways you can honor your self-care practices, inner child healing, and our experiences with shadow work x plant medicine & psychedelics as well. You can find Zalyssa online here: Until next time, xoxo Stina Faye
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    Ep 17. Breaking Your Patterns Through Human Design with Paige Michelle


    Welcome to Season 2 of The Feminine Flow! We're kicking 2020 off with a deep dive on how to know yourself on a deeper level and break those hard-to-shake limiting patterns through the power of Human Design with HD expert, Paige Michelle. Knowing your Human Design type and applying it strategically to your lifestyle can drastically enhance your connection to your true identity and the way you show up in the world. Let 2020 be the year you commit to your self-connection journey on deeper levels than ever before. ❣️ Get your free Human Design chart here: Find Paige online here (and make sure to grab her book to help you identify the patterns in your chart!):  @iampaigemichelle xoxo Stina Faye

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