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The Den of Nerds

The Den of Nerds Podcast is where the best nerdy conversations happen! We make TONS of content about Star Wars, Marvel, DC, and other nerdy things, but here you'll get fireside chat-style conversations between Josh and others.

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    Talking Star Wars Problems w/ Darth Choco


    Darth Choco is a content creator who makes videos about Star Wars and Marvel. He's a super positive dude, and in this conversation, Josh puts all his Star Wars complaints out there. Will Choco make Josh see the light, or will Josh bring Choco to the Dark Side?
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    Marvel and Sony LEAKING? Breaking Down Spoilers w/ Paul from Heavy Spoilers


    These days, leaks and spoilers are a big part of pop culture content and discussion online. In this episode, I sit down with Paul from Heavy Spoilers and talk about spoilers and how fans and studios deal with them. Is it possible Sony and Marvel are leaking things on purpose? How has covering spoilers and leaks changed over the past few years? We're going over that and more!
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    Talking MCU Phase 4 Start W/ Rob from Comics Explained


    Rob Jefferson from Comics Explained and Geek Culture Explained recently sat down with me to talk about the start of MCU Phase Four. We graded the start of this phase of Marvel Cinematic Universe properties and talked about things Marvel might be changing moving forward. Is it okay that the start of this Phase is less good than Phase 3's end? Will the MCU ever reboot? We go over that and more!!
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    Explaining Recast T'Challa w/ E-man's Movie Reviews


    Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever is having some issues, and it is time to talk about why Marvel Studios should recast T'Challa! If you've never heard why many feel recasting is the right thing to do, AND what Chadwick Boseman would want, I highly recommend you listen to this conversation. 

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