The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab podkast

The Coca-Cola Compassion Lab

Katherine Twells

This podcast offers insight on the importance of leadership and connection as we build a new future together. The Compassion Lab is a program inside The Coca-Cola Company where we explore ways to be more emotionally agile, resilient, and adaptive. The podcast originated from a 9-year program called the Coca-Cola Leadership Summit and contains the original content from those speakers and interviews. Our guests range from executive to authors and thought leaders on how we can come together to create a better world. Compassion is about seeking to understand and realize that in our connection we experience and feel many of the same things. We are more alike then different and in finding our common ground we can make greater progress. Our conversations speak to business and life in general as we seek to increase our awareness, understanding and contribution to the greater whole that we all participate in. Our leaders discuss how their own journey and development has a ripple effect that impacts the culture of their organizations. We also explore ways to cultivate well-being so that we can thrive regardless of the changes around us. This content is relevant to anyone seeking wisdom on how live a more connected and compassionate life.

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