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Ep. 24- Making Punishment Personal with Denise Fenzi

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We had the pleasure of having Denise Fenzi on the pod to discuss some of her recent posts on social media, one of them being, "Making Punishment Personal". Denise explains her thoughts on this matter and why she feels it is affective in her training with her own dog. Vinny explains his views and thoughts on the difference between "correction" and "punishment" and why distinguishing the two are important within the dog training community. We also discuss with Denise how to develop a relationship with your puppy and the sport of Mondio.

If you want to learn more about Denise Fenzi, you can find her on THE HIGH DRIVE DOG.

You can also find Denise and her team at the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, where dog professionals and dog owners can take a variety of online dog training courses from dog sports to basic training and more!

To learn more about Anthony De Marinis and Vinny Viola, visit their website's below.

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