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The BaseCode Podcast

JMac & Jess

The BaseCode Podcast is a collection of mini-series discussions between Jason McCreary and Jess Archer on practices for writing less complex, more readable code, testing, and building products.

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    42: The answers to everything


    Show Notes Marvel Cinematic Universe Laravel by the Numbers Shift Workbench Electron: Auto Update Electron: Publish Electron: Code Signing
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    41: The little things no one notices


    Show Notes Arduino auto clicker by Jess Laravel dragon sticker from Yaz Shift Workbench Dark mode for Invoker by Di Tweet about treehouse coding by Adrian Nürnberger Modes in Vim
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    40: Pricing is a personal choice


    Show Notes 7-Eleven Convenient Stores PR #38025: Display exception for failed status assertions by Taylor Otwell PR #38046: Display exception for failed validation assertions by Jess Streamlining Laravel by JMac Setting from URL in HTTP tests Tweet about pricing by JMac Value Propositions That Work Human Shifts Tweet about discounted launch prices by Sebastian Schlein Shift Workbench Shifty Plans
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    39: Open source is not free


    Show Notes Laravel 9 Release Abstract Syntax Tree Rector Nikic PHP Parser Shift Blueprint Getting Git
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    38: Building the Electron app


    Show Notes Desktop Apps with Electron by Marcel Pociot Electron Builder Vue Electron Builder Alpine.js Vue.js Fable of the boiling frog IPC in Electron Shift Workbench
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    37: It takes what it takes


    Show Notes Shift Workbench Desktop app alpha release Tweet about 90% is halfway done Practicing YAGNI by JMac Sunk Cost Fallacy Shift Workbench
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    36: Refactoring the Shifty bits


    Show Notes Burpril Challenge by Caneco Code Refactoring on Wikipedia Refactoring by Martin Fowler Decomposition on Wikipedia Decomposition vs Abstraction Episode 9: Rule of Three Refactor Fridays Live Streams on YouTube Atomic Commits Key points of Working Effectively with Legacy Code Episode 6: Naming
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    35: Scattershot Q&A


    Show Notes Speak UP! Why We Should Use Big Words With Little Kids Twins (1988) Marc - Converting Bootstrap CSS project to Tailwind Tailwind Converter Shift Devin - Laravel security hardening Enlightn: Boost your Laravel App's Performance & Security spatie/backup package Dyrynda - Time Travel Laravel Time Traveling Testing with Carbon Back to the Future (1985) Avengers: Endgame (2019)
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    34: Testing Tailwind Shifts


    Show Notes Lighting for YouTube Videos Question from João Santos Tailwind Shifts Episode 14 - The 5 Test Doubles Laravel Facades Mocking fluent interfaces with Mockery Test Fixtures
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    33: Approaching technical challenges


    Show Notes West Sixth Brewing Amber Ale Tailwind Shifts Tweet from Marcus Poehls Tailwind Configuration Acorn JavaScript parser Yii's CJSON class JSON5 jsonc

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