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Unlocking Enneagram Personality Types with Elizabeth Orr

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In today's episode of our podcast, we're diving deep into the intriguing world of Enneagram personality types with special guest Elizabeth Orr, author of The Unfiltered Enneagram: A Witty and Wise Guide to Self-Compassion. Elizabeth, who also serves as the associate chaplain for spiritual formation at Wake Forest, is here to explore the layers of our personality with a blend of humor and insight. Her book encourages us to confront and laugh at the aspects of ourselves we often keep hidden, promoting a journey toward true self-awareness and compassion.

We're thrilled to have Elizabeth join us, especially given the buzz around her new release and her engaging content on the popular Rude Ass Enneagram Instagram account. Throughout this discussion, we'll cover various topics, including common misconceptions about the Enneagram, the core beliefs associated with each type, and the importance of acknowledging our shadow sides. Whether you're new to the Enneagram or looking to deepen your understanding, this conversation promises to enlighten you on embracing your full self and extending compassion to yourself and others. Join us as we uncover the transformative power of the Enneagram in fostering self-love and improved relationships.

Join Elizabeth and I as we talk about: 

  • Common pitfalls when we are first introduced to the Enneagram

  • Core beliefs for each Enneagram type

  • The shadow side of each Enneagram number

  • Where to start if you are new to the Enneagram

  • The Enneagram and self-compassion 

Favorite quotes: 

  • “One of the biggest pitfalls, no matter where you are on your journey, that can be an easy trap to fall into is identifying too much with the type you land on.” (Audio 13:00)

  • “Using the Enneagram as an excuse or shield for our bad behavior, and using it as a weapon against others, can be a real common pitfall.” (Audio 13:22)

  • “Our shadow side is our survival mechanics. It is how we try to survive in the world and perceive it. Every type has a very particular way of perceiving the world and what they believe to be true about it.” (Audio 16:00) 

  • “Our emotional responses can tell us so much about what we think, the narrative that we believe, what we think other people’s motivations are, and what we are trying to protect within ourselves.” (Audio 20:59) 

Coaching this week:  How to Rewire Your Mind for Bravery and Resilience  

Before I do each coaching call, I have my clients fill out information that helps them identify their recent wins, which helps them recognize where they are experiencing growth and momentum in their lives. Embracing both smooth and challenging experiences with compassion builds confidence over time, allowing you to move forward with greater understanding and resilience.

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