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Tired of Being Tired: Finding Rest in a Busy World with Jess Connolly

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You are in the right place today if you are tired. I mean... Who isn’t tired, right? I'm so excited to talk about ways to beat exhaustion in today's hectic world. My guest, Jess Connolly, wrote the book Tired of Being Tired: Receive God's Realistic Rest for Your Soul-Deep Exhaustion, and she's here to help us tackle this common struggle. Jess challenges the idea that we need permission to rest and stresses the importance of protecting our peace for lasting well-being.

Our conversation will dive into the myths that keep us from resting and provide practical steps for change.  I'm eager to learn how to manage exhaustion and create sustainable rest through small, daily shifts.

Join Jess and I as we talk about:

  • What can we do about our exhaustion and tiredness

  • Lies we have been taught that keep us from resting

  • We don’t need permission to rest

  • Protecting our peace

  • Small daily shifts for sustainable rest

Favorite quotes: 

  • (8:55 Audio)  - “I don’t know many women in varying life stages who aren’t tired. If they have small kids, they are tired; if they are empty nesters, they are tired; if they are in a season of building their career, they are tired. The college girls I know are tired. There is a collective issue.”

  • (10:48 Audio) - “We believe all kinds of broken things about our fatigue and so our beliefs really have to change first.

  • (14:29 Audio) - “Rest is also a commandment. In the actual commandments, He has given us this commandment to rest our bodies not because He wants it from us, not because He wants us to perform, but because He loves us and wants it for us.”

  • (20:40 Audio)—“We always gravitate towards the big sweeping changes, but I would massively encourage people to start with the small stuff; it gives you the bravery for the big stuff.”

Coaching this week:  What is Self-Awareness & Why You Should Care About It (34:57 audio)

In coaching today, we talk about how goal setting often neglects the essential first step of self-awareness. By observing our bodies, thoughts, and emotions without judgment, we gain valuable insights into our triggers and patterns, allowing us to set goals that align with our true needs and create effective strategies to overcome challenges.

Links to great things we discussed: 

Order your copy of Remaining You While Raising Them here.

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