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Navigating Friendships in the Digital Age with Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston

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Join us today for an engaging talk with Amy Weatherly and Jess Johnston, recognized experts on friendships. They share their wisdom on navigating the highs and lows of relationships, recognizing toxic behaviors, and fostering healthier connections. Known for their popular Sister, I Am with You page, and their bestseller, Amy and Jess provide practical advice to enrich your social life in our latest discussion.

In their latest book, Here For It (the GOOD, the BAD, and the QUESO): The How-To Guide for Deepening Your Friendships and Doing Life Together, they offer strategies to strengthen bonds and highlight the importance of love and open communication in friendships. Our conversation covers essential tips on dealing with common friendship challenges and taking the initiative to form new relationships. Tune in for their expert advice on improving and deepening your friendships.

Join Amy, Jess,  and I as we talk about: 

  • 5:58 video Red flags for toxic friendships

  • 17:22 video Common friendship challenges

  • 21:47 video The importance of going for it when making friends 

  • 23:18 video Amy’s & Jess’ best friendship advice

Favorite quotes: 

  • 9:22 video - “If there aren’t any friends in your life right now that are life-giving then take that energy for meeting and investing in new people.”

  • 9:59 video - “To develop good and deep friendships with anyone is going to take time.”  

  • 19:45 video - “Go into difficult conversations like Ted Lasso. Be curious and don’t assume you know what their motive is.”

  • 22:48 video  - “You have the magic and the power. You just have to believe it and go out there, live your life, and go after what you want. If a friendship is something that you want, go after it.  Don’t waste wishing someone else would do these things that you are capable of doing.”

  • 24:14 video - “It is actually a gift when you reach out to someone and pursue them in friendship whether they receive the gift and whether they have time for the gift or not.”

Coaching this week: 

Use Self-Awareness to Take Action (39:15 video) 

In coaching this week, I share how self-awareness alone won't lead to progress; it must be combined with action to achieve goals and gain momentum. To move forward, you can identify one manageable step you can take toward your objectives, initiating a vital shift from insight to real change.


Recommendation: (43:00 video)

This week, I share a must-read book about maximizing longevity for your overall health and wellness.


Links to great things we discussed: 

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