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Hard Questions of Faith: Wrestling with Doubt and Belief with J.D. Greear

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Today's show welcomes the insightful J.D. Greear, a pastor, author, and podcast host. We'll explore challenging faith questions that many grapple with or may encounter when interacting with others.  This episode promises to be concise yet impactful for anyone seeking answers or desiring to support loved ones on their spiritual journey.

J.D. Greear's book, 12 Truths & a Lie: Answers to Life's Biggest Questions, guides our discussion. We'll address prevalent lies we may believe, how God transforms doubt, the reasons behind suffering, unanswered prayers, and the persistent struggle with anxiety despite faith.

Join J.D. and I as we talk about: 

  • The big lie we believe

  • God can use our doubts

  • If God is in control, why is there suffering

  • Why isn’t God answering my prayers

  • If I am a believer, why do I still struggle with anxiety

Favorite quotes: 

  •  (4:08)- “The majority of our Bible is written by people who are in a season of doubt whether we are talking about the Old Testament or New Testament.”

  • (5:03)- “Doubt is often divinely used as a way of drawing you deeper into who God is and the majesty and mystery of who he is.”

  • (10:59) - “One of the things you find is when you are praying you are praying to a God who is not only infinite in power and infinite in love. He is also infinite in wisdom.”

  • (11:44)—“Sometimes, He says be persistent and keep asking and knocking, but sometimes, He says he heard you. He is always answering, but the answer right now is: I know more than you, and I am going to do something better than what you’re asking.”

Coaching this week: (21:14) 

Simple Things That Give You the Most ROI

Today in coaching, I share a list of easy-to-do things that can have a huge impact on your daily life. Small, consistent changes can bring amazing results over time, and I challenge you to choose a few simple habits from my list to improve your health, relationships, and future.

Links to great things we discussed: 

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