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Decorating Confessions & House Rules with Myquillyn Smith

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Welcome to today's show featuring my friend Myquillyn Smith, also known as the Nester. We're diving into a fun discussion about our homes, including a candid confession about my biggest decorating faux pas. You're about to discover what that is as we explore the intimate details of home decor.

Myquillyn Smith, a bestselling author known for her books Welcome Home and Cozy Minimalist Home, has spent over fifteen years inspiring women to embrace their spaces, imperfections included, and personalize them. In her latest work, House Rules: How to Decorate for Every Home, Style, and Budget, she presents a compelling collection of one hundred universal decorating truths that cater to any house, style, and budget.

Join Myquillyn and I as we talk about:

  • Universal decorating rules

  • Low-budget decorating ideas

  • Using a We Did It list

  • The Trinity of Rugs, Drapes, & Lighting

  • Hate the Sofa, Hate the Space

Favorite quotes: 

  • “Decorating is just as much about what we remove from a room than what we add. It isn’t about adding expensive things. It is about adding the right things.” (9:48 Audio)

  • “We underestimate the fact that small changes can make a huge impact.” (10:30 Audio)

  • “When you get the right seating surfaces and storage in your room, which most of us already have, but when we add that homey trinity for most of us our rooms magically feel 80-90% done.” (20:00 Audio) 

  • “Find a way to not hate the biggest piece in your room and it will change the way you feel about the room.” (26:19)

Coaching this week: Keep It Simple & Take Action

In coaching this week, I share that to succeed, keep it simple and take action. Overcoming the tendency to overthink and procrastinate is key; start with small steps, seek guidance if needed, and remember that progress comes from action, not endless planning.

Links to great things we discussed: 

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