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Kate Lizotte, Nicole Sievers

What's up, y'all? We're Kate and Nicole, loud and proud fangirls, and lovers of Formula 1 (and not just because the drivers are hot... which they are). From having an N*SYNC themed birthday party in second grade, to plastering our bedrooms with JoBros and Fall Out Boy posters in middle school, to now running an F1 community, we've always taken our passions to the next level, and we're proud of that. We didn't feel like we fit into the broader F1 community when we first joined, so we built a space of our own. Two Girls 1 Formula (otherwise known as TG1F) was born with the goal of celebrating female fans and allowing them the space and opportunity to be whatever type of F1 fan they wanted to be, whether that's diving into the rich history of the sport, watching every piece of content out there, supporting a singular team or driver, or just appreciating the general good looks of the grid. Everyone has a place in the TG1Fam. We love to talk about F1, pop culture, our own personal opinions, and generally have a good time. We've dubbed the vibes of this podcast "slightly organized chaos" and we hope you enjoy taking this ride with us.

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