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    @jack exits Twitter


    What next for the social media platform after Jack Dorsey quits? the BBC's tech reporter in Silicon Valley James Clayton tells us why Jack Dorsey has left as CEO, and the challenges facing Twitter under new boss Parag Agrawal. Plus Jane Wakefield speaks to an Afghan student turning to the Internet to continue her education under Taliban rule, and we hear from the company forging ahead with plans to deliver Internet networks with balloons, despite Google's abandoning of the project. With BBC tech reporter Shiona McCallum. (Photo: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey addresses students during at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi. Credit: Anushree Fadnavis/Reuters)
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    A volcano-powered Bitcoin city?


    El Salvador's president made Bitcoin legal tender, now he wants to build a city. Joe Tidy speaks to Salvodoran-American cryptocurrency enthusiast and investor Gerson Martinez about the Central American country's experience with Bitcoin since its introduction earlier this year. Plus 193 member states of the UN agency Unesco say they want a more ethical approach to the development of artificial intelligence. We hear from Unesco's Gabriella Ramos about the problems with AI use today. And our own Jane Wakefield investigates the community of tweeters and YouTubers helping others find the latest Playstation and XBox consoles amid a global computer chip shortage in the run-up to Christmas.
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    The global rise of ransomware


    How hackers stole millions from companies around the world, and why they're so difficult to stop. Chris Fox speaks to Jen Ellis from cybersecurity firm Rapid7 and to Tom Pace from NetRise about the growth in ransomware attacks in recent years, and why companies often feel they have no choice but to pay large ransoms. And Joe Tidy travels to Russia in an attempt to track down alleged ransomware gang members.
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    Ransomware gangs face a crackdown


    Alleged hackers are arrested and millions of dollars recovered in a global police operation. Is the tide finally turning in the battle against ransomware attacks? Jane Wakefield speaks to James Chappell from cybersecurity firm Digital Shadows. Plus companies like Facebook have virtual reality at the heart of their plans for the metaverse, but is augmented reality a better bet? We speak to Magic Leap, the company that hopes its AR glasses will become as essential to our digital lives as our phones. And just a few companies run the cloud that powers most of the websites we use. What happens when they fail? Presented by Jane Wakefield with BBC tech reporter Chris Vallance.
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    The Squid Game coin scam


    How cryptocurrency scams have become an everyday event. Joe Tidy speaks to crypto watcher Dan Arreola about the ease with which scammers can create new coins designed to tempt investors. And is your website killing the planet? Web developer Vineeta Greenwood tells us why modern websites are wasting too much energy. Plus the company behind Second Life discusses Facebook and the metaverse, and Shiona McCallum finds out what happens when your gamer handle matches the name of a popular Netflix series.
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    Whistleblower piles pressure on Facebook


    Frances Haugen tells a British parliamentary committee that the social giant’s engagement algorithm puts users at risk of harm. Plus we get a view from India, where the platform stands accused of allowing dangerous misinformation to spread. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with senior BBC tech reporter Jane Wakefield and BBC technology editor Zoe Kleinman. Producer: Jat Gill (Photo: Frances Haugen, former product manager on Facebook"s civic misinformation team, leaves the Houses of Parliament, London. Credit: Henry Nicholls/Reuters)
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    Tech for future living


    How the metaverse, energy tech, and AI might influence how we live in years to come. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC tech reporter David Molloy. Produced by Jat Gill.
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    Bezos' rocket blasts Star Trek actor into space


    William Shatner makes global headlines by becoming the oldest person to travel to space, aboard the Blue Origin craft backed by Jeff Bezos. But has Elon Musk effectively already won the billionaires’ space race? Plus the ambitious plan to carry solar and wind energy from Morocco to the UK. And we take a trip through mobile phone history with the founder of a new virtual handset museum. Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC senior tech reporter Jane Wakefield. Produced by Jat Gill.
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    Facebook’s punishing week


    The social giant suffers one of its worst ever weeks after a tech blunder takes its platforms offline for hours, and a whistleblower gives highly critical testimony to Congress about its attitude to online harm. Plus, the CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Binance tells us why he’s convinced digital currencies are the future of finance. And why is China clamping down on cryptocurrencies? Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC tech reporter David Molloy. Produced by Jat Gill.
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    A ‘practical’ quantum computer


    Are quantum computers ready to make the leap from the lab to the business? We visit two companies trying to make that a reality. Plus, we hear about Intel’s advances in neuromorphic computing, which mimics the workings of the brain. And will Amazon’s new home robot succeed where a long line of others have failed? Presented by Rory Cellan-Jones, with BBC senior tech reporter Jane Wakefield. Produced by Jat Gill.

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