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Tales From The Mall

Tales From The Mall

Tales From The Mall is a show where Brendan calls his friends from the Arizona Mills mall in Tempe, Arizona, and records the conversation.

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    #18 - Sarah


    Sarah is a very intelligent painter who lives in New Mexico. We talk about museums and art and alcoholism and more. Enjoy!!!
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #17 Sam


    My great friend Sam is a visual artist and musician and podcaster. He does this Painter Man Sam program that we like a lot. So give it a listen and enjoy. But also enjoy this walk around the Tucson Mall... I walk around the Tucson Mall for the first time instead of the Mills because I was in Tucson. But Sam is an extraordinary guest and we like him a lot.
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    #16 Rachael


    I love my best friend Rachael and in this episode we talk while I stroll the mall. She's an excellent and cool person. Enjoy the episode, baby girl.
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #15 Monica


    On this brand new edition of the great Tales From The Mall podcast, I walk around Arizona Mills and talk to the beautiful and intelligent Monica. Monica is a very interesting woman from Azerbaijan of all places who now lives in NYC. We go over all the usual topics and have a very fun time.
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #14 - Berto


    The great Berto of the great podcast Ghost Jail joins me for a really fun conversation. During this episode, Berto also tries to enjoy a visit to the mall but gets mask policed and instead goes to White Castle and Starbucks. I eat Sbarro. It's a beautiful episode that you shouldn't miss.
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #13 Jay aka LowRes Wunderbred


    This is such a chill episode. Jay is a good friend and collaborator who is also known as Lowres Wunderbred. He's the writer and director of the movie Mass State Lottery and the host of the MOVIES podcast. We talk about movies and his recent smoking habit among a lot else. I love the guy! This is a great episode!
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #12 - Glen Rockney


    I'm so stoked to bring you this sublime conversation between myself and the co-host of the Rare Candy podcast, Mr. Glen Rockney. Glen is a very chill Bay Area-located guy who bets on sports. Enjoy this incredibly casual conversation.
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #11 Gwen


    Gwen is my very good friend and a very intelligent and lovely person. This is one of the most chill episodes I've done. We talk about Tarot and Seinfeld and really enjoy ourselves. God bless you and Merry Christmas!!!
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #10 - Howling Mutant


    There is some debate over whether I or my latest guest, Howling Mutant, is the Big Dog. But we're not gonna get into that. Instead, you're gonna enjoy the funniest and most fun episode between two good friends - me and Howling Mutant, New York Irish funny man and Twitter personality. Enjoy.
  • Tales From The Mall podkast

    #9 - Jess


    Jess (@tricksyrix) is my good friend as well as the co-creator of The Holy Agony podcast - an extraordinary podcast. We have an incredibly gorgeous discussion regarding our past lives and religion and Jess's spiritual gifts. Good Lord, listen in and enjoy!

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